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Internet Speed Issues

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Been using my Netduma for probably over a year now with no issues at all, but I just checked my internet speeds through the Duma (Wired) and they're incredibly capped for no apparent reason. I haven't changed anything in settings from when I last tested a couple days ago. I usually get about 60Mbps down and 30Mbps up on the Duma. Currently through the Duma I'm only getting about 8.8Mbps down and 1.2Mbps up. I tested my connection over ethernet to the main modem/router and the speeds are fine. 


I've never ran into this problem before, I tried doing a factory reset on the Duma but to no avail :/


Any ideas??




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Never heard of such a fix before

Yeah the mobo's cmos holds the time, drive boot order, fan speeds, over-clock voltages etc not the LAN drivers.


I have had the slow down a few times and a reboot from misc settings has fixed it for me.


Glad it has been resolved :)

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