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  1. Sweet, will the xr700 accommodate for most European countries?
  2. Yo I'm selling my brand new XR700 to someone who's heading to Europe, just wondering whether or not this will work fine in Europe (Not sure where exactly) being an Aussie model. Other then needing a different power plug, will they run into any problems? Cheers!
  3. Hey! Currently having trouble with my speeds being capped no matter what I do. Could I please get a link to the previous firmware as I'm on the latest and would like to flash to an older version. I've already tried Factory Resets, Reboots, Reflashing latest firmware and Disabling the QoS but speeds are capped to about 10Mbps down and up on both wired and wireless connections. I get normal speeds on my isp modem so it's not an issue with the internet, it's the R2 messing up for some reason.
  4. Atm the only Sydney server that appears on the heatmap is the 32ms one in my image. I haven't seen any Sydney servers appearing outside of Australia for a while now. Also I'm still yet to see any Adelaide servers thus far.
  5. And please please pleeeeeeease could we start classifying the servers correctly, Sydney dedicated servers are always appearing as players/peers.
  6. Yo DumaFam! Got some severely mislocated servers appearing in Australia atm. Judging by the pings I'd say the 311ms and 362ms are European and the 246ms one is from East Coast USA. Also the 32ms server should be where the 362ms server is, it's a Sydney Dedi.
  7. Hey Duma, Would there be any chance or any future plans of allowing the customisation of our own Geo servers? I'd love to go in and update my own server locations and classifications myself because right now there are Sydney COD CW servers appearing in Japan and some foreign servers appearing in Australia. I think it would be nice to have the ability to do it ourselves but of course localised to our own routers.
  8. Hey DumaFam, Been having an issue where Ping Heatmap won't load and the Geo Filter doesn't work i.e no hosts or servers appear on map in Geo Filter. Only thing that fixes it so far is a factory reset which I'm having to do every couple days, kind of annoying.
  9. Hey! Still no changes to the servers in Australia for MW.....I spent hours searching for all the servers (found over 30 ID's) that I submitted via the form but they've either been ignored or forgotten
  10. Any update on whether or not someone's had a look at the submissions I did?
  11. I don't think gaming utilises IPv6 so it shouldn't make any difference, unless I'm mistaken haha
  12. Done and done! @Netduma Alex or @Netduma Fraser please take a look at my submission for all the Sydney servers I found after about an hour of joining lobbies. All up I found 27 Peer servers for Sydney, two of which seem to be MM servers for Aus as they always appear when searching and then delegate to another one of the servers I've submitted. It's all written up in my submission so please have a suss *Edit* I'll submit that random foreign server that's not supposed to be located in Aus another night. *Edit 2* Not once did any of the Aussie server display as a Dedicated server.
  13. Yo @Netduma Alex So in Modern Warfare the Sydney dedicated server is located way too far left of where Sydney actually is, also it ALWAYS appears as a Peer instead of dedi. Secondly there is a very mislocated server in Australia which I've circled in blue, judging by the ping it's in Europe somewhere. Cheers!
  14. You guys have a partnership with Telstra? WTF this must be new. Unfortunately I had to leave Telstra a few years ago due to terrible customer service 😕 I'm with Internode now!
  15. Hey! I just had an issue where the router became completely unresponsive. I couldn't access DumaOS or connect to any websites etc via Ethernet and WiFi. I lost connection to Escape From Tarkov as I was leaving a Raid and re-joining the main menu The weird thing though, I didn't actually lose internet as I stayed connected to my mate in Discord. Was as if every new connection was being blocked, Windows 10 reported that my PC had lost internet connection. I left the Discord voice channel (Still being able to hear my mate) and then wasn't able to re-join. I legit had to pull the R2 power cable and wait for it to reboot until everything was fine again. Any thoughts?
  16. Yeah I'm pretty sure that top left dedi is usually a data centre that everyone connects through for CoD. You don't actually play on it.
  17. Yeah sometimes that works but when it does it makes the rest of UI unusable due to being zoomed out so far.
  18. That's zoomed out as far as possible and default 100% zoom in Chrome/Edge
  19. I've previously had issues accessing the GUI and I've found disabling any ad blockers, deleting broswer history and cookies etc to work for me in the past. Do that, reset the router and then try again in your web browser after like 4-5 minutes. Do all this setting up via Ethernet.
  20. This might be a stupid question but why are you trying to connect to a West Coast server when you're on the East Coast? Surely you'd be trying to force an East Coast server instead?
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