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Router losing connection when XB1 is turned on

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I bought my router about a month ago and so far the only thing this freaking router has done for me is make me RAGE.


I've never had connection issues in my life before using netduma. Now here's my problem, internet works fine on every devices both wired and wireless... then as soon as I boot the xbox it's over. Once the xbox is running, the router drops the connection and everything starts acting weird. when I go to network settings on the xbox, some times it'll show open nat (and I cannot connect to xbl on any game) other times it'll show nat currently unavaible or whatever. I get all sort of error codes when testing connection, be it teredo, dns issue or simply no connection. Once in a while if I reset the xbox or fuck around in the setting it'll actually say I'm connected, then it MIGHT actually be able to connect to xbox live and when it does... well there's another 50/50 probability that it'll just sit there trying to connect to matchmaking system and eventually get dropped from xbl.


I've searched around, tried multiple router settings, did full reset a couple times... I always end up with the same issue. If I disconnect the router and connect directly to the modem everything works just fine. Router is definitely the culprit here.


For the love of god someone please help me out, as I'm about to throw this damn box through the window. 

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  • Netduma Staff

Welcome to the forum Deesan! No need to throw it out the window - I'm confident we can resolve this problem. First off, try out these settings:


- 1000km Distance
- 0 Ping Assist
- Strict Mode On (Off if playing Destiny)
- If less than 50mbps, Pre-emptive Algorithm. If more, Reactive Algorithm
- 70% anti-flood
- Put your device in Hyper Traffic (in Congestion Control)
- Share excess enabled
- Reset device prioritisation & apply
- Enable UPnP and remove any Port Forwarding rules
- Disable deep packet in misc
- Disable IPv6 in misc, LAN and WAN
- Enable turbo mode if over 120mbps
- Enable super turbo mode if over 300mbps
- Ensure the ethernet cables you're using connecting the R1 to hub & R1 to PC are Cat5e+/can handle your speeds.
- Do an Internet Diagnosis test
An Open NAT is what you ideally want, though the fact that you can't connect on your games points to a closed / moderate in-game NAT. Which games are you trying to play? Do you encounter these problems with the Geo-filter disabled?
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