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  1. Hey Jack, so here I am a year later still dealing with the exact same issue. After initially making this thread and trying countless different things, I stopped using the router. A couple months later I moved to another location for a couple months and had a different internet provider, so I gave the netduma another try... Surprisingly it worked flawlessly the whole time I've been there... fast forward to like June, I moved back to my prior location and got back on the old isp connection. Regardless, I installed the netduma router and it worked without a hiccup till this just now. All of a sudden it started doing the EXACT same thing it did when I first posted this thread back in November 2017. Very weird, it's like the router starts acting up when November comes by. Anyhow, as the last time, I ran a bunch of tests: - Tried countless reboots - Tried DumaOS - Tried reverting to OEM firmwire - Tried different ethernet cables - Tried a complete reset - Tried the usual disconnect / wait / replug modem and router ISP: Bell Modem: Hub 1000 (bridge mode). This recurrent issue is really starting to piss me off, every 5 to 15-20 mins I have to reboot the router to get internet (wired and wireless both go down). Every time the connection is lost I can no longer access http://r1 or . The lights on the router are always the same at all time, but I cannot figure out why the router keeps crashing over and over again?! I really hope we can find a solution to this. I included a s/s of my ipconfig and a copy of dumaOS log. log-1542225252749.txt
  2. Last tech that came replaced it with brand new one. I do play WW2 too but it's definitely not the source of my current issue... let's say I turn off every devices and reboot/reset the duma, it will still end up crashing on me in the same 15-20mins. Furthermore, like why would it start acting up like this when absolutely nothing changed? Same settings, same internet provider, no new device in the house. Also tried my old D-link router and it stays connected. Sounds like a faulty unit to me at this point.
  3. Hi, not a wifi issue. My desktop and xbox are both wired. Also, all wifi channels are free as I live in the middle of nowhere and there are no other active wireless network around. Once again, when it crashes I cannot access the console, I get the following: This site can’t be reached192.168.88.1 took too long to respond.
  4. sagemcom home hub 1000 in bridge mode. No beep going down, router only beeps when rebooting like it should.
  5. Using stock power cable, plugged directly into the wall, no extension. Tried with a brand new modem and reset the duma right after, still crashing.
  6. Hi, I've been using my netdum for about 5 months. When I first installed it, the router gave me issues connecting to XBL... it would keep going online offline online without any reason and one day it magically went away (no changes made to settings). The router's been fine ever since this problem went away, until this past weekend... now the router works as intended for about 15-20mins and then it crashes. When it crashes, can no longer be loaded and I lose connection on all devices. When I reset it by unplugging or by the reset button itself, the router goes back online for another 20 mins or so till it goes down again. The issues is very consistent. I tried full factory reset, rolling back to previous firmware version and a couple setting tweaks... issue is still there. Even had a tech from my internet provider come over and check their modem and lines, everything is A1 on their side. For the time being I removed the router and use the modem on its own but playing is practically impossible as my connection keeps fluctuating from 2 to 4 bar. Any idea? Thanks
  7. Hi, I bought my router about a month ago and so far the only thing this freaking router has done for me is make me RAGE. I've never had connection issues in my life before using netduma. Now here's my problem, internet works fine on every devices both wired and wireless... then as soon as I boot the xbox it's over. Once the xbox is running, the router drops the connection and everything starts acting weird. when I go to network settings on the xbox, some times it'll show open nat (and I cannot connect to xbl on any game) other times it'll show nat currently unavaible or whatever. I get all sort of error codes when testing connection, be it teredo, dns issue or simply no connection. Once in a while if I reset the xbox or fuck around in the setting it'll actually say I'm connected, then it MIGHT actually be able to connect to xbox live and when it does... well there's another 50/50 probability that it'll just sit there trying to connect to matchmaking system and eventually get dropped from xbl. I've searched around, tried multiple router settings, did full reset a couple times... I always end up with the same issue. If I disconnect the router and connect directly to the modem everything works just fine. Router is definitely the culprit here. For the love of god someone please help me out, as I'm about to throw this damn box through the window.
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