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Hello - Luke here

Netduma Luke

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I thought I may as well be the first to post in this new Introduction thread.


About me


I am Luke, one of Netduma's co-founders (along with Iain).


I am 28 years old, although being tall with a receding hairline and a beard I think I look nearer 35!


I live in Southern England, worked in the City (London) for six years and I recently quit the rat race to start Netduma with Iain. 


How did I hear about Netduma?


On a drunken night, at Nottingham University, over six years ago when Iain and I made a promise to one day start a company that did something about lag in games. You can read more about how we began here:


You had me at Halo…a short story of how Netduma came to be


Favourite Games

  • Halo 2 & 3
  • Final Fantasy VII - X
  • FIFA / Pro Evo
  • Football Manager
  • Fallout 3
  • Red Dead Redemption

My gamertag is 'Netduma Luke' on XBL.


See you on the forums.


(Feel free to create a new thread for your own introduction)

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Yey!!!! Second Lol

My name is Ian


I am 60yrs young


I think I look like a Pug puppy


I live in the North West Gods Country (although the Yorkies will disagree)


Gaming tag is Imacca60 (original I know) on PS4


Heard about Netduma on Youtube

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It's always nice to have a little insight about the duma staff and forum members.I'm still amazed the staff puts so much time into helping out the forum's so much and interacting with us,big props to you Luke.

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