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I've lost my way

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OK.. so after owning this router for over a year, I think I've tinkered and tweaked and changed things I shouldn't have.. maybe with things I don't fully understand.. I've got to the point were I'm questioning if it's doing any good now. I have terrible connection on black ops 3, I just want that snappy consistent c

Gameplay back.. can one of you guys over at duma, help me start from scratch? And optimise my settings and get it right for me? Thanks

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Ahhh sorry for the delay, my son was born couple days ago.. Fraser I'm struggling to find any sort of computer for a lend and can't afford one atm.. is there anyway we can get this optimised? Maybe I could email you answers to any questions you have?

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Follow this guide and follow the second method. Then PM me the information (I've sent you a PM to respond to with this info). Then I can take a look when I'm free and you don't need to be available when I check it. 



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