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  1. Heard there was a new upgrade.. I'm currently on Your router is on version 1.03.6g Would I be able to get a upgrade?
  2. Now that the beta is over here are my thoughts ....
  3. 7GTV

    New Duma update

    shoot ... don't let them fool you... when they say july they really mean 2018 of july lol.
  4. OK, this is mine.. see how this works for you guys.
  5. What's up everybody, ok Took me a since first beta release to get a decent setting for me.. I found a new setting that works better, try this out see how this works for you. Remember what works for me may not work for you. Let me know your thoughts.
  6. yo Fraser ur funny dude.... i don't know every time you post or comment lol... your comment is wild ..... as always sir thank you!
  7. Last thread I saw was when the announcement of feb... what duma was going to do for testing etc. haven't seen anything else.
  8. good thing i can make soup at the house then when i want lol..
  9. Haven't seen any news lately and haven't been on forum about a week so... just wondering has anybody heard anything ?
  10. Yo Fraser, I may not be able to give you a raise but... this will do!
  11. Well, with my new upgrade in plan package with my ISP, i had to figure out new settings. My old settings wasn't working at all with my new plan change! But, I found one that works great for me, try this out see if it might for you as well.
  12. lol... issues or no issues with duma .. i breathe this day
  13. It has come to my conclusion that Fraser is over worked lol... Especially with my questions alone!!! Oh he knows 7GTV! Aint that right Fraser.... Yo, if you got luv for duma and for Fraser timely responses to you I want all to type below ''1 luv 2 Fraser''.... copy paste to show your support back to Fraser for all the hard work he does and all of our attitudes he deals with on duma Forum alone! I for one can testify duma on twitter and here have chatted back with me for long time now and always response to my ?'s with in 24 hrs!!! The duma staff as well.. But, Fraser has been grinding for us so Show the Luv and TYPE THAT BELOW!!!
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