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So Which Is Better? BO3 or IW? | Infinite Warfare Gameplay Commentary


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It depends who you ask, for me BO3 takes a literal dump on Infinite Warfare in every single way from visuals to how fleshed out it is.


BO3 has better maps, better flank routes, smoother movement system, no insane rubbish no skill quickscoping mechanic, balanced weapons for the most part, better ScoreStreaks & better use of color palette.


All my opinion of course...


Most people who dislike BO3 but actually like IW do so because of connection, they seem to have it better in the IW beta, so they enjoy it more...


Personally I feel InfinityWard failed to innovate with Infinite Warfare, I also feel it's a huge step backward, as was Advanced Warfare, these two games will hurt this franchise more than any other COD and with Sledgehammer next year, I really have no hope for the franchise until 2018 when 3arc are back.

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I had really high hopes for IW cuz I liked ghosts so much but gotta be honest...IMO IW's beta was shit and yeah I know it's a beta but I'm thinking how much can things really change in 2 weeks.


I'm kinda leaning towards the fact that aside from a few minor tweaks,we were playing a 95 percent finished product,which is scary and think that launch day is gonna be really bad for COD and the community,probably gonna be more problems than it's worth.


Again just my opinion and like I said I'm a huge ghosts fan but they are trying to much futuristic bullshit for me, still like boots on the ground and no Rocky the flying squirrel shit.

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Here is how I stack up Infinite Warfare up to BO3...


Infinite Warfare

- Graphics are worse than BO3 (grey haze over everything)

- Movement isn't as fluid BO3

- Maps are worse than BO3 but not bad

- Gun balance is worse than BO3

- Specialist (Rigs) Balance is worse than BO3

- Weapon variants are back like AW


+ Unique weapons

+ No sound whoring perks (I like to sound whore but it makes the game way to easy)

+ You can craft any weapon in the game (so it sucks that there are variants but at least we can craft them)


I'll update the list if I think of anything else

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