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Destiny Marionberry error

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I'd not played Destiny for a while, but went back to it today, and find that if I enable host filtering, I can't connect and receive a marionberry error.


I notice that while attempting to login the geofilter is blocking connections to the US outside of my filter region, I'm in the UK.


If I disable the geofilter I can then connect to Destiny.


Strict mode and ping assist are off, and I'm using the Destiny profile.


I'm sure that I used to be able to connect to Destiny fine with the geofilter enabled, have Bungie changed something with regards to logon?


Edit: just found another thread on this - http://forum.netduma.com/topic/17731-destiny-consant-marionberry-errors-since-this-evening/?hl=marionberry

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