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How can I setup this router for desktop general gaming, I have tried many times but am not getting any good result, it is like any bullshit router no exception result, hopefully you do the necessary.

The router is a router, it focuses on ping and geo-filtering of your desired location, but at the end of the day it's up to the user to be competent enough to set everything correctly.


You really haven't specificied what you're trying to do, as in which game, your location or the issues you're facing. You haven't specified if you've downloaded Ping Plotter, ran at least a 60 minute test to see if you have an issue on your line or if the ISP has some sort of issue either, so I don't know where you derived the conclusion you have.


All I read is the router is "bullshit" because you cannot get a good result out of it. Many of us will disagree because we may be a little more educated on how to use the router than you may be, or perhaps not, but we've figured a way to maintain a generally good to great result from it.


It really all depends on the game you're frustrated with and what you're trying to do with what you have available to you...

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What is your current physical setup?

What are your speeds?

Are you using congestion control?

 - If so what settings are you using?

Are you using the Geo-filter?

 - If so what settings are you using? 


Did you follow the tour that starts when you go on the interface for the first time? Have you been on our support site and followed the optimum settings guide? http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000023979-optimal-settings-guide

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1- physical setup as following :

- Anti-flood preemptive, upload and download speed during the gaming is 70%.

- Device priority: I have tried the standard option and with increasing the upload and download with no any progress.

-Hyper-traffic: I choose my device (Xbox live) cause am gaming by desktop pc.

- Profile: General gaming, Didn't make any changes.

- Device manager: I have tried many option like general purpose, laptop and game console, all options were useless.

- Settings: I didn't make any changes in settings 


2- Internet speed: download speed 12.60Mbit and upload is 3.36Mbit, which is lower than 50mbit so I followed the settings which is lower than 5o as it is mentioned in manuel.


3- about congestion control honestly I dont know how to use it but also no one is connected in my home in netduma router except me.


4- about Geo-filter: I tried to use it and to disable it, almost same result.


5- the setting is xbox live


yes I have followed the tour settings in the first time, also yes am in your support site and followed optimum settings 

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If all other devices are connected to the Netgear then congestion control will not work correctly. ALL devices need to be connected to the R1 in order for it to be effective. 


Once they're all connected:

  • 70/70 anti-flood
  • Share excess enabled
  • Reset device prio
  • PC in hyper traffic (turn this off when not gaming)

It depends on what game you're playing as the Geo-filter may not work for it/may not be needed if you can choose you're own servers anyway. However, make sure that you follow this first: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000022408-why-can-t-i-see-anything-on-the-geo-filter-


If the game doesn't have a server list try:


~2500km, strict on, PA 70ms 

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