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Custom may return the product

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I have purchased the product last week 



its in Saudi Arabia Customs . they asked me to contact CICT so I can get an official documents to allow me to get the product from them . its approval that the product is according to world wide acceptable specs or something like this 




According to DHL , After 15 days , they gave 2 options : either destroy the product or return it to the supplier (Netduma) ! which sucks



any way . My questions are . Am I allow to request you to send me the product to other place ? Preferably Bahrain because they don't have a shitty regulation ?



or would I be able to get the product to my country once CICT Approves it ? 



Is there any other possibilities ? 



if I couldn't do neither , Can I request a refund ?




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This will definitely be a question for Fraser or Jack/Adam with Netduma.  It is currently about 20 mins to 11:00 PM their time (UK/London) so I would expect a response here from one of them in about 10-12 hours or so.

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Sorry about this - I'm not sure why they are requesting this as usually our product reaches customers in Saudi Arabia no problem.


DHL have told me that they have tried to contact you as they need some details from the receiver in order to get CICT approval release the product?


Please contact them and ask them about this - or ask for them to return the router to us.


Then please email [email protected] to confirm you have requested DHL return the product to us. Please also include the full name under which you ordered, the email attached to the order and the order number if you have it as well as the new address in Bahrain. Then we will send you a new one to Bahrain when the other is returned.


Sorry for the inconvenience.


Kind Regards,



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You guys are cool about it . I m relieved


My bad its CITC not CICT . Typo error


I guess all product that is related to information and technology has to be registered in CITC.


Once its registered . Customs will be forced to allow the shipment to go to customers




Custom workers sometimes are being dicks. They don't know what is the product . They think it could be harmful lol




I am waiting on CITC approval in the mean time




But if there is a possibility for the same shipment, to go directly to Bahrain DHL Store. I would prefer it because, I can get it within like an 1 hour or so



If its not possible, I ll wait



Thanks for respond man, you brought the faith in me to get the router

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