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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum For your Geo-Filter - what game are you playing and on which device? As for Anti-Bufferbloat, change the mode to ‘always’ and make sure you have set the correct total bandwidth numbers in the options for AntiBufferbloat
  2. Hi Chap - not a daft question at all! You will be able to add the Switch to the Geo-Filter (and configure on any other feature e.g. QoS). The one step you may need to do is when connecting your Switch for the first time, you may need to go to the Device Manager and set the device type to 'Wii'. This is a one-time only task and very easy to do. (It may not even be required as we have autodetection for most devices including the Wii but I'm not sure if it works for the Switch yet - I'll need to check with the developers). At the moment there is still a four-slot limit for the Geo-Filter. However, if there is demand we could consider adding more. Do let us know if there's any other questions you have about DumaOS.
  3. I can't see how the Netduma would be causing this because of how the QoS is designed. It would never allow a download to begin and then 'stop' it during it. It's more likely to be a server issue with the place you are downloading from, or perhaps a problem with your internet line. Sorry I can't be more helpful
  4. No problem - let us know if we can help with it or anything else.
  5. Nice to see you have a good base ping today. But as Benormous said, this is a ping test to Google. To see your ping to the game, click on the host (largest circle) on your Geo-Filter.
  6. Hi Direink - where are you measuring your ping? Is it to a game server on the Geo-Filter? As for best QoS settings, I would recommend: Setting Anti-Bufferbloat to 'High Priority Traffic Detected' mode and 70% for both download and upload. Allocate 50% of your bandwidth to your Xbox One for both download and upload on Bandwidth Allocation Make sure 'DumaOS Classified Games' are checked in Traffic Prioritization and that the red light comes on in the Traffic Prioritization Information panel when you are playing CoD If you have done all of those things you will have the optimal base setup for QoS. There's not really any settings in advanced that I would recommend changing (unless you have the wrong total bandwidth speeds set in Anti-Bufferbloat). If you are seeing a difference after that it's probably just timing / fluctuations on the server you are pinging etc.
  7. Hi Demonic - unless you set your Anti-flood sliders to 0% this problem will not be caused by Anti-flood. It sounds like this could be a problem with your laptop but just to make sure - in Device Prioritisation, is share excess checked for Download?
  8. Hi Witton - this could be caused by WiFi congestion, so as Bagsta said, you could try changing the channel (go to >Settings >WiFi to do this). Are any other devices suffering drop outs? And does your laptop ever have this problem when connectedd to another router?
  9. If this still does not work, could you try recording what you are doing and send us the video (e.g. upload to dropbox). Thank you
  10. As per my post in the other thread: If you mean your admin password, you will need to factory reset using the pinhole. Follow the instructions for 'Factory Reset via Hardware' here Make sure the lights on the Netduma R1 flash off and then back on again. You will then know that you have pushed the reset button down
  11. AdamQ

    Rainbow six siege

    It's possible, although unlikely, that the Geo-filter is blocking a chat server. When this happens again, could you try disabling the Geo-Filter (expand the radius to full distance or toggle to disabled at the top). Does this then allow you to hear your friends? As for the best profile, I would recommend setting your own settings as follows: - Radius (start at 2000km but change this if you think a higher or lower distance is better) - Strict Mode on - Ping Assist 0
  12. That's correct. That is the ideal setup to purely guarantee a server inside your distance radius.
  13. Do you mean your admin login password to the user interface or your wifi password? If WiFi password - try 'netdumar1'. A factory reset will change it to this. If you mean your admin password, you will need to factory reset using the pinhole. Follow the instructions for 'Factory Reset via Hardware' here
  14. Hi Manish - I am not sure I understand what you mean by 'anything left of general purpose'. If you want to delete a device, go to the Device Manager and click 'Edit'. You can then delete each device that is not connected. Does this answer your question?
  15. Great to hear this is fixed now. We'll close this thread but do create a new topic if you need help with anything else.
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