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New member, need help improving ping


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Just got my Netduma about a week ago. I game on xbox1. internet thur time warner cable in the U.S. @ 200 down 20 up. router/modem Ubee dvw32cb>Netduma>xbox1 hard line and computer hard line in that i do test on. i did purchase and returned surffboard 6190 because i got horrible results doing the Netduma internet test thur that devise so i am back to my rented Ubee. here are my results for the ping test. i know its not horrible but i feel it could be better so any help i would be awesome and maybe even a some addvice for a modem. thank you.

Ping Jitter Spikes Packet Loss Ok Exceptional Exceptional No Loss
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PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from seq=0 ttl=44 time=41.862 ms
64 bytes from seq=1 ttl=44 time=40.884 ms
64 bytes from seq=2 ttl=44 time=41.105 ms
64 bytes from seq=3 ttl=44 time=40.582 ms
64 bytes from seq=4 ttl=44 time=41.644 ms
64 bytes from seq=5 ttl=44 time=40.217 ms
64 bytes from seq=6 ttl=44 time=41.217 ms
64 bytes from seq=7 ttl=44 time=40.962 ms
64 bytes from seq=8 ttl=44 time=41.478 ms
64 bytes from seq=9 ttl=44 time=41.732 ms
64 bytes from seq=10 ttl=44 time=41.299 ms
64 bytes from seq=11 ttl=44 time=41.461 ms
64 bytes from seq=12 ttl=44 time=41.468 ms
64 bytes from seq=13 ttl=44 time=41.911 ms
64 bytes from seq=14 ttl=44 time=41.152 ms
64 bytes from seq=15 ttl=44 time=41.613 ms
64 bytes from seq=16 ttl=44 time=41.692 ms
64 bytes from seq=17 ttl=44 time=41.454 ms
64 bytes from seq=18 ttl=44 time=41.133 ms
64 bytes from seq=19 ttl=44 time=40.391 ms

--- ping statistics ---
20 packets transmitted, 20 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 40.217/41.262/41.911 ms
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Your baseline ping is just that baseline you can not change it.


Now it could be that the google server that the duma is pinging may be a bit away from you so you could try a speedtest.net server that is close by.


For cable that is a steady ping and that is much better than a low but jittering ping.


I use https://www.pingplotter.com/download/for an in depth look at my pings to make sure I have no jitter etc.


Add a server (twitter.com) to the target press go and leave for as long as you wish.

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