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How to play Dark Zone without PvP ! { The Division }


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Host Filtering


1 - Geo Filter

2 - Ping Assist = 0

3 - Strict Mode ON

4 - Distance down to 111 KM *Least Distance


Restart your game and enter dark zone.. you should find people who live in the same neighborhood as you only xD


Have fun grinding :D

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have to try it, interesting!
thought its not possible yet since division servers arent part of the cloud right now, but i havent thought of the game restart method

will certainly give it a try today :)

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I guess so.  Just sounds cheap to me.


Doesn't actually work super well as far as I can tell.


Tried it out a few times and there were still some PvPers on the server. Don't really play enough Dark Zone to know if I normally don't have many anyways.


And yeah, does sound a bit cheap. Will be interesting to see if and when NetDuma supports the game if you'll be able to really minimize the amount of players that do connect so you can just roam the DZ by yourself. The DZ is def a very unique multiplayer experience. 

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