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Unable to view Host details or PS4 as a service

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Hello. I noticed in Host Filtering I could no longer view the host details including the temp ban option. Also the PS4 as a service which I previously had saved I can no longer view. 


However the PS4 is still showing in the Hyper Lane.


I've tried switching profiles but that made no difference.


I have tried rebooting but still no luck. I am on fw 1.03.6g


I've tried viewing in both google chrome and on my android table but still cannot view.


I've attached 2 screenshots to view. Would appreciate it if someone can please help?



Thanks in anticipation. 





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For some odd reason while playing bops3 this afternoon it allowed me to select the PS4 as a service (which it wasn't doing before) so it looks fine now  :)


Sorry guys I didn't make it clear. It wouldn't let me select a service before. On clicking select service there was no option for anything then screen froze so had to keep refreshing page.


Many thanks for your help

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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