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I have 68 miles 0 assist and in the middle of the sea and I can't connect to psn but then I add it and gwt on black ops 3 and it throws me right in a game and no circles pop up nothing


I unplugged for 5 min nothing still doing it what is wrong

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now my homepage won't load wtf


help homepage just stop loading and right before it said I was pining at 1000


trying to play black ops and my ping to sever keeps jumping 17 -1000 it goes crazy now my home page is very laggy reboot will work for like 5 min then stop again wtf

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Scrizzy, on 01 Mar 2016 - 02:13 AM, said:

Your router clearly is not setup or configured properly dude, be patient and someone will respond.  But for them to help you best, you need to provide specific information about your setup or you'll just waste time going back in forth providing basic info.  So:

What version of the Netduma firmware are you on?

What model is your ISP provided modem?

Do you have basic internet access through Ethernet? Is it just a wifi problem?

What type of connection do you have (cable, dsl, fiber)?  What speeds do you pay for?  What speeds are you getting through a speedtest?

Do you have any problems with your connection when connecting directly to the Verizon router?

Take a few pictures of you configuration pages and Miscellaneous settings page and post them

Describe your specific issue in more detail.  When does it occur? Is this only a recent problem?  Have you ever managed to get the R1 setup properly?

Provide these answers as a starting point and you will get more help.  Your random ramblings do not provide a starting point for anyone to assist you.  Good luck



If you could answer the questions Scrizzy asked that would help.


For your location click the home icon and click where you live.


For things not appearing on the map follow this guide http://wiki.netduma.com/doku.php?id=why_can_t_i_see_anything_on_the_geofilter


I note in another thread you were getting wifi disconnects - disable wifi workaround in settings > miscellaneous.


Can you access the interface by or http://R1 ?


On congestion control have you un checked share excess on device prioritisation?

What do you have set for anti-flood?

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