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  1. nothing pops up for rapp and only half the stuff loads
  2. cant access hompage it just loads half it please help
  3. hello i think someone got my ip address is there anything i can do besides a vpn and how would i go about telling my internet to change my ip they wont listen my cards keep getting hit not good thank u for any information
  4. cant get on homepage what ever i do cleared everything please help
  5. im pretty sure its open no more blocked servers
  6. its working but not the greatest in setting to run network test on pc say teredo block and i run it again and it says open in the xbox app says open all the time now is it open or block ? im confused
  7. is it possible for dns to block it and there for i cant unblock it? everything was working fine 3 weeks ago i unpluge router to move ot had problem ever since
  8. same thing but the name will appear i factory restored router run test in xbox app fine run it in setting say teredo block server connectivity block run again says open close run blocked run again open now im really lost lol dont know how u guys do this for a living time consuming and frustrating if anyone has any suggestions i would love to hear from ya
  9. when i make my geo big it doesnt even show up and test works fast open and connected
  10. it shows up in allow and deny but not working
  11. click on the one that block allow doesn't matter
  12. cant find games router is blocking something keep getting this and if i make my geo huge it doesnt come up i Google everything sometimes i get teredo help please
  13. thank u so much 2 one worked u guys r great
  14. doing it right now thank u will this help my geo been acting funny again
  15. no clue went to change my geo to play cod and i couldnt get on
  16. no clue dumaos wont load restarted computer router modem internet is working great im lost
  17. 2 different browsers on my phone tablet rest router
  18. cleared and lan ip still same thing
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