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  1. what on my pc could be blocking it or on my modem i have netgear
  2. i dont reset to factory just unplug 30 sec plug back in once a day and than it works for good the only thing i change is dns and ports
  3. been working great with a device not added than it stop again and now i cant find madden or 2k game madden says 8 people searching and i just waited 5 min turned it off and what does this mean
  4. ok i turned off geo loaded up 2k about an hour ago found game with in sec played great now trying to play a game again and it wont find anyone i dont understand
  5. right or it takes long time madden just takes like 3 4 min cod 3 4 min but 2k i let searching for a game for4 hours no game go to park mode one of the popular modes like 3 people in it ethier this router broken or 2k shit is broken im a about to give up
  6. its doing it again only 2k it was working good for like 3 days now i cant find game this sucks just cause I play on pc its hard to find gams im looks like im done playing this game i refuse to buy new consoles ever 3 to 5 years just to play sports games when is cross play happening cod bet was lit is there anything i can do ?
  7. It's doing it again for nba all my other games work any idea y
  8. Its been working today early in the day at like 2pm I couldn't find a game but hasn't done since Madden I have to start orgin fresh or the controller won't work that's awhole different topic lol that would make sense why the first time I load 2k it seems to go pretty fast I will try it I'll keep u posted if I get frustrated again lol thank you
  9. Ok it's working right now on spectating mode for now I try that couple days ago and didn't do nothing thank for your time I have open nat I'll keep u posted it's very touchy works when it wants to lol
  10. I can but it does the same thing give me like an hour but umm I noticed that if I am searching for a game if I hit flush cloud it finds a game pretty fast
  11. Y does it take so long to find a game in all 3 of these games I can't find a game in 2k20 madden takes like 4min and cod it's takes a sec than goes
  12. Just took 7 min and had restart game 2
  13. Right now at 1115 am 1544 online 5 searching and high volume won't find game there is nothing ican do on router side I feel like it's on my side cause cod still does this time time I feel like Madden don't like this router but I can't try a different one cause I don't have one
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