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  1. Just took 7 min and had restart game 2
  2. Right now at 1115 am 1544 online 5 searching and high volume won't find game there is nothing ican do on router side I feel like it's on my side cause cod still does this time time I feel like Madden don't like this router but I can't try a different one cause I don't have one
  3. Yea I have deleted geo fliter too and try it that way and still nothing it takes me 15 min to find a game during high times it's say high 10 people searching cod did this last year
  4. I can't find games h2h in madden 20 on PC I been netduma user for 5 years I tried everything any ideas
  5. how do downgrade and what was that firmware?
  6. what is the older firmware?
  7. whats all this timeout stuff?
  8. all browsers even on my phone and i am using and extender
  9. r1 on newest update it started when i moved the r1 downstairs couple days ago everything else loads just geo and qos wont load
  10. my qos and geo filter wont load factory rest and still nothing everthign eles load on homepage internet is working fine just get circles like its goiing to load
  11. Just found game it took about 6 min to find that's sucks
  12. Sorry for being a pain butt
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