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DSLReports Speedtest/Bufferbloat Observations and Q'd

major masingil

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Smart people of the Netduma Forum.  


I have a question regarding the Bufferbloat meter in the DSL Reports Speedtest... In my quest to combat BLOATATION on my router, I have made an observation on the BB meters and I have a question.  



When running the speed test.  I'll have a large lag spike about 3/4 of the way through the test (between 300-700 ms) every time until I get my DL slider to 40-45%  In conjunction with this spike,  I can hear my computer's disks start spinning really quickly and the fan speed starts blasting.  As soon as the spike is over, the disks and fan slows down to nothing again. I have an i7-46000 CPU 2.69 GHz and 4G on RAM on the machine. If I look on the tesk manager, the typical state of my CPU with my R1 GUI active is less that 10% and my memory is arond 60%




Can this spike be caused by a bottleneck between the DSL reports test and the processing speed of my computer?  Can the speedtest flood my computer with too many bits for my processor to handle and therefore be causing this surge in the test?  Why would this test spike cause my disk's and fan to spin up to max power?


1) I don't think so because it would happen every time regardless of where the CC sliders are located

2) Could background processes in my laptop, ie: antivirus real-time scanning etc  along with the speedtest be injecting too much information for my processor to handle and causing this spike during the test?

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dont waste your precious time with dslreport bufferbloat tests

as soon as Iain releases the anti-jitter feature youll score a A+ there everytime regardless of your CC settings or current bandwidth useage


so better invest your time into poking Iain about that feature ;P

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