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Help with Netduma settings for Xbox One Black Ops 3


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Hello all,


I am new to the Netduma world. When I first received my new router earlier this week, everything seemed to be working fine. On the first night I had stellar connectivity. Then the next day, I tried to play with some friends and was having trouble. Then I tried to play by myself and was finding that I was having issues with lag.


I am very new to this, so I am not sure if my settings are correct as I have messed with them a lot. I understand that different people will have different profiles, but I feel that I need a base. I have been trying to mess around with the settings, and I am not sure if I am making any progress.


I ran a speed test and it said I have 30 down and 5 up, but I was running on wireless, so maybe have to run wired to get a more accurate picture? My Xbox is wired to the Netduma and my NAT is open.


My current settings are listed below. Can someone tell me if any of these settings is what is hurting my performance?


I live in SW Florida, and that is where I set my home location. My distance was set 600-700 miles with a Ping assist of 30-40. I put the sliders at 80%. I set my Xbox to a majority receive a majority of the device prioritization or I will block all other devices. I have share excess checked on. I have strict mode checked on as well. At the top of host filtering, my Xbox is listed as the device. I also have the hyper traffic thing checked on.


I have Enable deep packet processing, allow auto feedback, allow remote access, enable upnp forwarding, multicast snooping, enable IPv6 and enable cookies checked on in the miscellaneous settings.


In the cloud settings I have Enable auto cloud and bleeding checked.


After doing some reading on the forums, I have saw that maybe I should reduce my Ping assist to zero. If so, should I take off strict mode or increase my range? Maybe kind of similar to the COD ultimate profile.


I was able to finally figure out how to get my friends to join me in my lobby and click on their circle and put to 100%. I also had some problems with Xbox Live party, saying my network settings were preventing me from joining, but eventually this went away (maybe when I figured how to "allow" my friends to play with me. I noticed in the key, there are difference color circles. I have only noticed red. Does this mean anything?


I feel a little overwhelmed because there is so much information. Could anyone see where I may have an incorrect setting or if anyone can provide me with an optimal profile that has worked for them (I know I will have to tweak for my internet and location). My goal is to get everything working solo first and then figure out how to party and play.


Sorry for being so longwinded. I tried to gather as much of my setting info as possible. It is kind of consuming my brain at work. Any help is much appreciated.


Thank you

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"I have Enable deep packet processing, allow auto feedback, allow remote access, enable upnp forwarding, multicast snooping, enable IPv6 and enable cookies checked on in the miscellaneous settings.​"


Disable deep packet processing, auto feedback, remote access, multicast, IPv6


Set your ping assist to "0"


Your geo distance seem good or you can lower it 200 miles.


When you want to invite friends into your lobby just untick "stricked mode" invite them and select their red circle and give them a 100% rating and name them.

One by one so you know who it is. After that you can turn "stricked mode" back on and enjoy!


Then once you get all this sorted out, go check dslreports and see what your bufferbloat rating is and try to adjust the C.C. upload/download cap to get the best rating.

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Welcome to the forum! 


Here's my thoughts:

  • What are your expected paid for speeds? Have you used auto speed setup to change the settings?
  • Are you using modem > R1 or ISP router (R1 in DMZ) > duma. If either of these setups then you can uncheck UPnP forwarding. 
  • I'd put anti-flood at 70%
  • PA 0, keep strict on. Distance is good.

Really I would mess around with the different profiles and see what works best for you. Or find what works best manually then save your own profile so if you ever need to factory reset you can apply your settings easily.

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Thank you, happy to be a part of the Duma crowd.


Yesterday I upgraded my speed and they said it would now be 75mbps download. Not sure of upload will have to check. I forgot to set those changes in so maybe that will help me later today.


I am using my modem that is linked straight to the R-1 to avoid using the ISPs hardware. I tried to mess around with the cod ultimate yesterday and had some positive results. But since I did not fix my speeds on the R-1 I feel my testing yesterday was invalid. I will try more tonight.


To set a home location I have been seeing people choosing different locations than their actual home area such as the cod ultimate being in the Atlantic. Should I keep my home pin in Florida or move it elsewhere?


I planned to factory reset everything and start from scratch again. And I will use these ideas as a starting point.


Thanks again for the info. I will try to post screenshots of what I have set to make it easier to view.

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Sorry haven't got back to you with screenshots but I've been working like a madman. I plan to have some up this weekend.


Also I was readin that the net gear cm500 might have issues with the netduma? Is this true because it is what I currently use.

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Hello again, 


I wanted to give you all an update. 


I decided to return my netgear CM500 (still not sure if it was the problem, but there was only a 2 week return window and I was able to get my money back)

I decided to use my comcast modem/router combo (The Gateway, I believe it is called). After i hooked up the modem, I factory reset the Netduma. Then I used the bridge function on the comcast hardware to the netduma.


After I got everything hooked up, I followed your instructions along with the wiki for setting the bandwidth. I ran speed tests and it said I have 88 down and 12 up. Then I used dsl reports to check the bufferbloat, and at least for today's test runs the sliders were best at 70/70. (The dsl reports reported my Quality and bufferbloat at a+ and speed at C. Should I try and aim for the A in speed? Would it be better optimized then?) Yesterday I used 70/85. I dont always have my computer hard wired, so I will probably just use 70/70 just like you have suggested.


Once I hooked everything up, I decided to start off with the profile COD Ultimate and use that as my base and tweak from there. Everything seems to be working better, like my very first day, so I did not change many settings. Sometimes I adjust the ping the profile has set at 50 to anywhere from 30-50. With double XP going on, during the afternoon I can only find games when it is set at 50. If noone is up I block all other devices to make sure the xbox one gets all the bandwidth.


Every now and then I get into games where the it seems laggy on my end, but for the most part, I am not nearly as frustrated as I used to be. I can tell a difference. If it seems too laggy for my liking, I use the temp ban function.


I do have a some questions.

1) the ping assist is set at 50 in the COD ultimate. I remember you recommending setting it to zero. What is the difference by setting it to zero?

2) It seems like I 99% of the time connect to the Dedicated server in Virginia. I have not noticed any other ones closer to Florida. Does the Netduma pick this server on purpose?

3) I rarely get on a P2P game, what is the difference between the two games? is there one type of host better than the other?

4) If friends that live in my area join my party, will they get the same benefits as I would from using the Netduma?



Thank you very much for your help.

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1) Ping assist will allow you to connect to games outside the radius that provide the ping you've set or better.

2) Net Duma doesn't " choose " the server you connect to the game does - the radius you set within your netduma only allows the game to connect to things within that radius. If you would like to connect to another server you can " Temporary block "  the server and disconnect from it and try to join another game.

3) If a host has a bad connection you will have a bad p2p game.. I would suggest only trying to connect to p2p games when servers are having hiccups.

4) If they join your party, yes. ; They will only be affected if you are hosting the group.

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