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Hello, i will be setting up my duma 2moro :)


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Hiya I got my duma r1 yesterday but been too busy to fiddle with it yet, such is life busy busy :)


I am on virgin media 60mb i think, i will set the superhub/netgear router to modem only

and i am looking to set the duma to reject hosts below 60 or 70ms


I was recently chucked into a game that was redlining 400ms !

the best i have seen is 10ms, but often its around 33 to 66ms.

and i have been noticing a few 100ms + since the latest cod patch.


so i could do with rejecting higher ms games :o)


the only other thing is the router will be sat close to other equipment,

like radios etc and i never use wifi wireless at all ever.

so i want to turn off the wifi in the duma settings, i take it its possible to do that?




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Welcome to the forum buddy, you can disable WiFi in "Settings > Misc". If you want congestion control settings though make sure all devices are behind it. 


To clairfy Scenario A is the optimum. 


Scenario A (good)


Modem Netduma Something Other Router All Wifi Devices

                                    All Wired Devices


Scenario B (bad)


Modem Something Other Router All Wifi Devices

                                                            Netduma All Wired D

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