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pinging servers question


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What is a great ping to a server? What are some of your pings to a server? The reason I ask is b/c my lowest ping to a server is around 38ms to 60ms and sometimes I am shooting an opponent and hit him first and then he hits me and I died before him. I know sometimes it has to do with the guns we use but even this happens when I get killed by the same gun I was using. I'm starting to think it maybe my shitty isp. i get 100 mbps down and 10 up but ping is 32ms. How would you guys grade the ping to a server?



is it from 5ms to 20ms idea A+

21-30 ms B

31-40ms C

41-60 ms D+

61-85 ms D

86- 100ms D-

100-over ms F


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Pingtest.net has a pretty good grading system.



-High bandwidth does not equate to Lower ping- Just because you change the the size if the fuel pipe doesn't change the quality of the fuel that goes through it.


Yeah it would be an ISP issue.

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So here's the thing opa - Any one test, to any one server, is just that.  I single test to a single (now) known location.  If you tested that same router, 20 times, at different times of the day and night, you will most likely see that number vary on multiple factors.


If the game isn't played on that server, then the ping number is going to change for several reasons. 

  • Location of the server you will game on.  If you are pinging a server for the ping test on the West side of town where you live, but you are playing on a dedicated box two towns over, obviously the pings won't match.
  • Route taken.  The ping test may leave your house, go up the street and then get sent off to location A, hub or switching site, and you may take two entirely different trace routes from there, one for the ping test and one for the game.  If one of the routes is different in length, compression or is compromised in any way differently, the signals won't match and the transmission efficiency won't be the same.

While the ping is an easy number to reference, that number is going to vary wildly, as will the results it gives you in the game based on how the coding handles the differences.


By way of example, BO3 has been found by numerous members here to play a little better with a 50-60ms ping as opposed to a 20ms ping because of what we SUSPECT is an outdated lag comp method.


What I would recommend instead of trying to use an ever changing number set as a baseline, is to check the quality of your local ISP service with a tool like www.pingplotter.com.  You can download and run some cycle tests over a couple of 24 hour periods.  This will tell you if your ISP's line quality isn't up to par (several of us here have experienced this issue) and we can help get you prepared for the work it will take to get them to fix it.


Unfortunately we don't yet have a magic setting for any games yet, so the Netduma folks are chipping away at what they can control, like your local-in home congestion.  They are slowly expanding outward (this will include the new release of Hyper Lane and profile settings for different game types) as they get more and more feedback.


As gaming requires very little actual bandwidth, the size of the service you are getting from the ISP becomes a bit of a mute point past "enough to run the game correctly".  Once you have enough bandwidth, the deciding factors switch over to line and transmission quality, not the speed at which it can get there.

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To add, your base ping is 32 so achieving a ping to a game of 38 is very good! If you're getting in to the 60 range I would recommend moving your home location around to avoid the servers that you're getting those pings on

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