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How would you like you Hit Detection made? Crispy please!


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Can I ask what your connection speed is while using congestion control? My normal speeds are 3down .5up and I limit it to around .8down .4up.

sure buddy.


There is a link to my detail settings setup in the description of video on youtube. I have 50 down and 6 up while I game.

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Never once had hit detection anywhere near this good , probably due too my shitty ISP

Nice video :)

Sorry to hear that. I have spent good few months battling my IsP until they gave me a useable connection.
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My core gameplay is like hardcore.

Great to see the R1 working for you soo good.


almost as if you was playing hardcore with that hit detection 

Part of it is the Vesper. Being on point with the Vesper is a difficult thing but when you are its a melt machine for a reason pro players goo with it


My boy lukasz,nice to see your gameplay is still great.


Dam I gotta move to the UK to get good net... :D


Nice vid brother

My friend any occasion to speak to you is great. Even if you dont move for good but at least come over for a coffee and a walk in Clapham park on a sunny day

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