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Need Tech Support idk how this works and have 0 responses to my topics

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Not sure where to start so i'll start with how hard it is to find tech support  Have a bunch to talk about and a phone number would be great considering i get 0 responses on here. 


i'll start with host filtering issues:

1. my PS4 shows up as "unnamed device' and my location needs changed no matter what i do so these

2. things make me think something is wrong with my connection. Also things show up my map that aren't on the legend like seriously..?

3. what is the point of a legend when u don't put all the symbols on there!? also not sure why there are four different colors for every symbol when everything only shows up in red.

4. Every time a rate a host as low as possible and update it continues putting me on the host therefore whitelisting and blacklisting doesn't work on my Netduma so i have to play the same server all day unless i factory reset my router several times per day.  


I'm sure i forgot some other problems with host filtering but, ill move on to congestion control:

1. every time i do anything like move my download or upload cap or prioritize my bandwidth in any way my speed test go awful on my PS4 or laptop, even if i only drop 1% on my upload/download cap.


I'm having other issues but these are the 2 features i spent the money on this router for and basically nothing works on either of them.

Still die in 1 bullet needless to say i'm not happy with this router so far and would like to return it if still possible unless i can get some tech support. Another thing you all need to think of is letting people know is how to get the update instead of just selling them a router and letting them figure it out on their own. Your company claims with this update you made a video about lag compensation which i would love to see but after searching for it by clicking every possible button and not finding it.  


I kind of give up, especially considering all the hours per day i'm spending trying to fix the seemingly endless amount of issues i'm having with my Netduma router. Doubt i'll get a response to this like the last one i posted but if anyone does respond please let me know where i go to text about this list of problems since i cant figure out where in the forum i'm supposed to go or if i should go to the chat option or what. I'm entirely lost in every way possible!

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Hey DerekMoore,

that is a wall of text.  I haven't read it but tech support (official) is in Australia and won't be on until tomorrow early for your timezone.


I'll begin reading now [finished], i edited your post I hope you don't mind it was purely to help me understand your issues.  i'm playing ToO right this second and can only read and type between matches and games.  I'll try to assist you with your issues one at a time

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No disrespect intended, but is English your first language?  Because in addition to the wall of text (*thanks for the edit), it is hard to make sense of half of your complaints.  It really seems like you do not even understand the basic functionality of the router.  Perhaps thats part of your issue, because folks are generally quite responsive and quite knowledgeable on these forums, including responses directly from the lead programmers.  Where else do you get that?


Ok, to address at least a few of your issues that I can make out:


1.You can rename your PS in the "Device Manager" tab.  Just click edit, find the unnamed device in question (by IP if you know it) and type in your preferred name. Done.


2.You can change your home location using the house icon on the geo filter.  Just relocate it with the pin, click, and it should stick.  As with all changes, you should tick the enable cookies option in the Misc setting menu.  


3. The multiple colors on the legend refer to the other devices that you have on the geo filter.  For example I have 3 consoles enabled.  Therefore, filtering for one will show in red, one in green, and one in blue when in use.  I imagine you are ONLY getting red because you are only using the geofilter for one device. Yes?


4.It might help if you explain what extra symbols on the geofilter you dont understand or recognize.  Im sure they would be easily explained.


5.It would again help if you explained what game you are referring to.  In COD for example, you can rate player hosts and block them, but the ability to block servers will not be an option until the next firmware update. Nonetheless, there are ways to avoid playing on servers using the geofilter if you simply relocate your "Home" wherever you want and restrict the filter just around that location with Ping assist set to 0 and strict mode on.  Then you will only get hosts/servers in that area, that is if there are other games to be found in that designated area.


6.It sounds like you do not understand the Anti Jitter or prioritazation features very well either.  There are basic guides for optimal settings pinned on the main page.  I suggest you read them more in depth.  Generally speaking, you should reduce CC sliders to 70/70 AFTER setting your bandwith to the numbers you receive on a Speedtest (speedtest.net).  If you do not have the numbers correct, the CC will not function properly.  Also, the Preemptive algorithm is designed to optimize ping and jitter, but in the process it will steal a lot of bandwith.  It is good for gaming though, where bandwith is less important.  If you want your maximum bandwith, shift the sliders to 100/100 when youre done gaming and choose the Reactive algorithm and youre good.  Make sure Turbo and Superturbo modes are unticked in Misc Settings as they are not optimal for many.


What is your general upload/download speeds btw?


As for smooth gaming, there are a number of additional tweaks available.  I would recommend you visit the post on bufferbloat testing and follow accordingly.  But you clearly are not quite ready for that yet.  One step at a time.   



I can imagine there is a lot left for you to setup before you are in a position to make a determination of the routers value..  Or by all means you can bypass the above and seek out that refund.


Good luck

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i would like to add that i was suffering from reduced speeds and problems similar to yours but I did resolve it eventually and I am very chuffed with the netduma! :D  :D  :D

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  • Netduma Staff

Derek, I think one of the reasons you didn't get any responses on your last thread was because it was in the wrong section of the forum. So when Fraser or others go through the support threads, they wouldn't have seen yours.


First of all I'd suggest reading this section of the Wiki - it would answer the majority of your questions.


I'll go through your questions but will probably be repeating a lot of what Scrizzy said.


Host Filtering

  1. You can rename devices in the device manager. And your location will default to AUS. You can move it by following these instructions.
  2. There is a list of the symbols and what they mean here.
  3. Because there are four slots on the GeoFIlter - the different colours represent the different slots.
  4. You need to wait two minutes without connecting to the server that you rated for the changes to take effect.

Congestion control

  1. The PS4 speed test isn't accurate. Are you using the pre-emptive algorithm? If you are, then that is more conservative so will lower your speeds. Also make sure that you've entered the correct speeds in congestion control. If you haven't then the sliders won't cap to the correct percentages.

I'd just like to say again that the Wiki contains the answers to most of your questions, and the reason you didn't get a response before was because you posted your thread in the wrong section of the forum which people don't read as much.

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