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Thoughts on my new device

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First off - I received my shiny new device last night, installed it and am now having a blast.  I really like it.  I've got a family of gamers who are currently also all very happy.


I'm perfectly happy with the device as is - but I thought I'd give some thoughts just FWIW and if they are useful then great, otherwise feel free to ignore :) .


As background to where the below comes from, I run a slightly complicated network with quite a few devices at home.  4 kids, I'm a computer person by trade who likes to program in his spare time and we all have phones, devices etc.  So I have a complicated setup - but to be honest I'm probably not that unusual for largish families with teenage kids.



  1. Restricting possible IP addresses to 192.168.XXX.1 messed me around a tad.  I had to move my mail server to another IP, fix DNS (yeah I run a DNS server at home :)  ), change default routes on hard coded Linux VMs (long story) and update/refresh DHCP.  None of that is especially tricky, just a pest.
  2. Would be great to at least support 172.16 ranges as well
  3. No ability to do layer three routing really restricted how I could set this up.  I was going to leave part of my old network on one 192.168 range and route through another box to minimise overall network impact.  I realise that layer 3 routing into the box would mean you can't pick up MAC addresses to hard match devices to device names, but it might still be useful.  I could have made this work with another layer of NAT, but that would then have hidden the devices in the other network behind one IP to the Netduma which is less than desirable.
  4. It would be *awesome* if you could do a MAC prefix lookup and match devices MACs to device makes and have that default info on the screen for newly detected devices.  Would help match devices when there are over 30 showing up instantly :) .
  5. On the network monitor - a "select all" or "deselect all" would be incredibly useful in selecting which devices are being graphed.
  6. On the network monitor - an ability to hide all the devices at the top would also be useful just so you can see the graphs when you switch straight to the page.  (I have to scroll past the list of devices to get to the graphs)
  7. On the network monitor a dynamically updated "top 3" would be fantastic as well.  Matching the current colours to devices when you've got more devices than can be assigned colours (I have a lot of white devices, I assume because there are not more colours to assign) ​​is very hard to do - so having a text list of what's really hogging the bandwidth at the moment would be useful.
  8. Dynamic anti flood based on games being played would be truly fantastic.  I.e. have a setting that said "If you see counterstrike being played, switch download/upload to (for example) 80%" 
  9. Anti flood or device prioritisation by device type would also be good.  So instead of messing with 30 odd devices to reprioritise, let me say "all tablets together have a maximum 50% bandwidth".  Or even better - everything other than consoles and gaming PCs are deprioritised  ;)
  10. Similarly having protocol prioritisation (getting into standard QoS though) would be nice - e.g. "always give CS this portion of bandwidth".
But let me reiterate - none of the above is to take away from what you've built.  It's a fantastic device and you've made a gaming dad and his gaming family very happy indeed.







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Hey Berin, welcome to the forum!


Thanks a lot for your feedback. As Akic said above some of those will be in the ticket system already. We do match devices to MACs usually, you may have seen that with your consoles and PCs etc but due to the amount of devices you have I imagine you had a fair few unnamed or nameless devices. If you PM me with the MACs of the devices that weren't recognised we can add this so it will be detectable in future.

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