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  1. Thx for that info about QOS. I did however figure out the slow speeds, it was the DNS. I set to my provider DNS and it shot up to about 630Mbps down. DNS can be tricky because that can slow down speed on game consoles too. It doesnt boost your internet but should put it to par. I know you know this but just passing on the info to others that are having that problem. By default all routers are supposed to default to provider DNS. I don't know if R2 does but I'm sure it does. What I think is it only set one DNS by default. Do you know if R2 defaults to alternate like OpenDNS or Google's? See my problem is I live far away from the popular DNS providers. Just wondering, thx!
  2. Okay so for now if I'm having problems I guess only answer is to have adblock disabled? I really wanted to use it. I'm in one of those situations where not only do I have like 30+ devices but if qos is enabled it slows down devices big time. Also having problems running hulu with adblock enabled. Probably have to make sacrifices haha. Internet speed test slow on R2. Lots of problems and that's why I have qos disabled. Even with qos disabled speed test in R2 only shows 208Mbps down and I have 975Mbps down. Other than the mess above its a great router. You guys have super fast shipping btw. 👍
  3. I was wondering why QOS and Adblock can't be separated. Like if we have qos disabled then Adblock won't work. Some of us don't want qos enabled but would like adblock to remain enabled. Guess it's not possible?
  4. Just wondering what the status is on beta (XR500) I signed up to on first days of Beta signup and still haven't heard anything. Thanks.
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