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Found 13 results

  1. since last night i have this issue, and only and only with modern warfare 2 and warzone 2 servers. rest of the games work perfectly.have done reset factory, upgrade the OS firmware. have set my home to the country i live (in my case Greece). any idea?
  2. good evening forum! for information I wanted to know if you would add warzone 2 and MW2 to your list of games (beta will be out in days). will you also include servers in the heat map? do you think they will use existing servers such as those of warzone and mw 2019? thank you
  3. Per request, I'm opening a standalone topic. After a cloud sync for heatmap: [DumaOS] Cloudsync Ping Heatmap result 'true','nil', Friday, July 01, 2022 14:01:48 [DumaOS] Ping Heatmap has finished merging data from the cloud!, Friday, July 01, 2022 14:01:48 I now only see one server that is pinging as yesterday I had two: I've also turned 'on' "Respond to Ping on Internet Port" in WAN Setup. I'm puzzled because any other game, example, Apex do fine, with only one failed IP address: I have a Microtik router that serves the majority of the house, but wanted to utilize my geo filtering for better games, as such, I've forwarded all ports for COD (that I'm aware of) to my NetDuma router, and this has worked just fine for a long time. Over the past month, I've noticed that while trying to geo-filter, it's taking longer and longer, and eventually I have to turn it off just to get a game. My initial thought is that, my computer, also connected to netduma, may not be getting the proper port forwarding needed to get responses from these servers -- but then I recall that I can get pings just fine for Apex. So, I'm a bit confused. Looking forward to your thoughts. Thanks!
  4. I live in Texas but for whatever reason it’s showing me best servers are European??? Is it actually locked on my side of the pond and it’s still ok to choose them or do I skip them and save only the ones over in the states????
  5. I have asked a couples on different threads on what feature is for and how its used in a practical. What I know so far you select a ping target, comes up with results of servers etc. So what next? How can I use the information? For instance I pinged target Call of Duty Warzone from the drop down list, came up with the server details. Does this mean I can add this server to my Allowed/Denied list? Can anyone please tell me how this works TY
  6. Hello, I haven't used Netduma in a long time because I could never get in warzone matches. I came back to use geo filter again and to my surprise nothing has changed. I live in Miami and the game never makes me play there... but when I use No Lag Vpn it actually finds me matches with 27 ping most of the time. Now I don't want to use the VPN anymore. In the pictures below I chose Seattle, Irvine California and Miami as the servers because those are the easiest servers and Miami gives me 23-27 ping. I cant connect to none of them. The game always want to make me play on Missouri, Texas, New York, and Georgia. This happens everytime, no matter the hour or day. Yes I also tried removing the device, flush cloud, add it back, wait 2 minutes with Bnet closed. I tried resetting by default, you guys haven't update Duma0s on XR500 since I left more than a year ago. I still have the latest version V2.3.2.120, I have Nat open, Open DNS. I tried opening the game on spectating mode then filter and nothing helps... sad stuff. Netduma and warzone used to work very well, maybe this stuff got patched within the game. Because everyone in this forum has had clearly the same issues over and over again. I would suggest that you guys make a software that influence matchmaking like NLVPN, ExitLag so people can find matches faster
  7. My ping heatmap isnt showing any locations at all. the rapp service shows that its getting connection but all the server ip's are failing. I have this Netduma connected to my modem. it was pretty confusing configuring this device as a secondary router but i managed to get it working with the exception that i cannot really figure out the ping heatmap i will post a picture to show the errors that are popping up. if theres anyone with any info, help a brother out
  8. good evening I'm looking for warzone servers with ping heatmap, but it doesn't give me anything
  9. I downloaded a file on here from an admin but is says the disc image file is corrupted. I have reset the router also and it still doesn't work. What can I do to get this router to work correctly?
  10. Hello Friends, Playing Warzone from Brazil, I've just got the R2 Router and notice the absence of South America Warzone's Servers. I know there is two located near my state and I've seen displayed on others streamers videos, however, when I request to ping Warzone it just doesn't show them. North America and Europe displays normally. I notice some serves shown as "N/A ms" on servers list. Any quests? Here is a pic. Thank you!
  11. RPC ‘ERROR_NOENT’: Rule not found in chain This happens when I delete GEO FILTER or WHEN I CHANGE MY QOS SLIDERS AND BANDWITH ALLOCATION. Any Fixes ?? I did reboot router and factory reset & still the same error
  12. Hi team netduma , I 've net duma version beta, just a While 3 weeks ago I have this problem, how I can fix it I've tried it on all browsers but unfortunately it doesn't work Also, the adblocker is not working properly, I hope you can fix it Hope it will be fixed very soon It is a very important tool Best regards
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