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Found 10 results

  1. good evening forum! for information I wanted to know if you would add warzone 2 and MW2 to your list of games (beta will be out in days). will you also include servers in the heat map? do you think they will use existing servers such as those of warzone and mw 2019? thank you
  2. Hi, I was wondering if you could help me out. Lately I have been getting some pretty bad lag mid game in warzone. Not noticing a problem with my internet anywhere else and when I'm doing a internet test I'm getting an A+ in all three categories. I have my GEO search on and set to 69 miles and 30 ping. WHen I look in the Geo Filter lower right which shows me the current ping of the server it says - lost server connection. Its been happening intermittently lately and seems to be getting worse. Happened in game on a 3 V 4 and when it cleared up i died in the gas. Anyhow just looking for any possible issues to get help with. I also noticed that I had my AD Blocker on my PC - not sure if that would mess with anything in game. Lastly I am hardwired directly to the netduma r2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hola, no puedo ver jugadores, ni servidores, no funciona la restricción de pin, como se aprecia en la imágenes busco servidores de máximo pin 35, pero no funciona, juego como antes de tener este router pin 60/80. El geofiltro tampoco funciona, adjunto imágenes. Tengo fibra de 600 y juego en Pc. Necesito ayuda, he probado diferentes firmware, diferentes configuraciones, he leído todo lo de este foro, muchos videos en YouTube y no consigo la solución. Ayudaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  4. Hi, I have been having some issues setting up my Minecraft server, primarily with port forwarding. My physical setup is just a NetGear XR500, I am connected to it via Wifi. I have forwarded the ports (TCP/UDP) 25565, and then as that did not work, tried 25569, and still no result. The server was unable to be reached by my friends, and when checking via canyouseeme.org, the ports reported as closed. I have double checked that I am using the correct internal IP, and I have tried both the external IP addresses I have. Which is unusual, I know, because I have never had 2 externals before. The WAN address I see via DUMAOS is different from the one I get when search "what is my ip address" via google. Before getting this router, I had been able to search my ip via google, provide that to my mates, forward 25565, and then no further issues were had. I have also tried re-forwarding the ports. If someone has had this exact same issue, and I have overlooked that thread, please link me so that I can try to fix it there. Any help is appreciated!
  5. Hey all, just wanted to ask if there are any updated maps to the server locations on modern warfare. I saw this map: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/29370-modern-warfare-dedicated-servers/ and some said that the map might be updated. For example, on that map it shows brussel as one of the locations, on another site they said the server is in amsterdam. Same with Germany, on the map it shows Stuttgart? (i think) and other sites say Frankfurt, or even no servers in germany at all. Maybe you know more than I do Thanks in advance! :)
  6. So this website has come to my attention I live in the Caribbean and I’m guessing the closest server to me in America or Europe I’d like to know how would purchasing a router help me in a fifa player I live in Trinidad to b exact
  7. Hola, Escribo porque me estoy conectando a un servidor de California y mi hubicacion es en el Caribe... Por que pasa esto? Uso: Ping Assist en 70, Strict Mode , Fast Search ,
  8. After the latest patch of fortnite on pc I'm not able to connect myself to the closest server who gives me the best ping, that server was the one of Paris, now I'm only able to connect to the servers of germany and one in London. This servers give me a ping of 40-50 and the one of Paris was giving me a ping of 30ms. What can I do??? The server of Paris was this:
  9. Hello When i have the geofilter set to filtering mode whilst playing fifa 19 i only ever connected to the german server (i live in the UK), however when i set the geofilter to spectator mode i start getting connected to the closer french server, any idea of the reason? Thanks
  10. I was messing around with the Geo filter in netduma trying to figure out why sometimes I would get amazing games and some were just laggy and horrible. Someone mention on the forums that you should enter the headquarters before playing or looking for a public game. The reasoning behind this, so you will be able to connect to dedicated servers which is weird. I thought we are automatically connected to the dedicated server no matter how we start our game, but by doing this it was an amazing connection. I was connected to a Texas dedicated server and you would know this because it's a huge single circle, it would say temp band, and also it would sometime be the only big circle on the Geo filter. The gameplay was amazing, I even achieve my first V2 rocket. To stay on that dedicated server I had to stay in the lobby. If I tried to leave it would eventually search for another game and 5 out of 10 it would put me in a peer-to-peer lobby or another dedicated server. I even tried temp band most server and just connect to one. That doesn't do any justice on trying to consistently connect to the dedicated server. COD WW2 just really throw us all over the place when it comes to connecting to a dedicated server. I didn't have the netduma before black ops 3, but I knew bo3 wasn't bad when it comes to connecting to a dedicated server because it would tell you at the top right corner. I have to sometimes just back out of games until I get on a dedicated server. What are you guys opinion on the subject?
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