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  1. Cussiv in your opinion the best 3rd.party firmware for playing games its gargole: What are the most have parametrs on QOS and traffic PRIO
  2. Necro donºt have a fiber converter is FTTC, fiber to the cabinet , the rest to the necro house is cable
  3. Yes, for openwrt i use wrt forum, on xr500 i use DUMA OS
  4. Hello i create this topic for some help to install and config. my openwrt with xr500 (not install openwrt on router because that part for me its easy). I know that are some users in this forum that have this setup, more time than me, at this time im testing.
  5. Ok, this is my fiber line(ONT) with openwrt3200acm (cake+peace of cake)+xr500 (geo-filter+qos)
  6. So you use portforwd to open ports on openwrt for r1 like 1024-65535
  7. Openwrt i think donºt have DMZ , have to create firewall rules?
  8. Any one with this setup can share with me steps configuration.
  9. What are your settings qos on xr500 and s8000 on the Bandwidth Allocation % , do you have upnp and igmp online in s8000
  10. Hi, i have a xr500 and a s8000 , and i trying to config QOS on this 2 dev. Any ideia !!!
  11. And plans for the firmware updates with the fixes for users like how have to use vlans for internet and not have a qos on uploud and unpn off still open ports..
  12. If they spend time in their bugs and not in the milestone 1.4 thats will be good..
  13. I donºt want miletone 1.4 I want the dam bug´s fixed
  14. I dont know how s8000 works but tomorow i will post my old config.
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