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  1. I´m running last fw. And update fix´s for users that use vlan for internet affect QOS uploud..
  2. In my case the device manager is inacurate
  3. On mine i don´t need to had pppoe, i just need to set vlan 100 and it´s good to go.. But with vlan tagging i lose QOS on Uploud side
  4. I my case is software side in the devicemanager menu on the settings\monituring\statistics menu is good. Back layout is wan -1-2-3-4 and the led´s por is good
  5. @Netduma Alex He can use a maneged switch Tp-Link sg105E to untag the internet vlan and the R1 can reconize the packets
  6. Faltava te dizer que o netduma r1 e outros da netduma sao só routers..
  7. A sim... mundo pequeno sou de Amares\Braga Eu tb tenho fibra Vodafone 100\100, devolvi o Smart Router da VDF e pedi para instalar um ONT HG8012H. Nao sei como o ont esta configurado internamente porque a VDF o bloqueou com password. Acho que o ont pode ser considerado como modem, o meu xr500 esta ligado directamente ao ont com a vlan 100 configurada
  8. Sou Portugues, do norte 😀 Entao o teu Duma OS porta-se bem?
  9. Chive972 you have tested to slow your speeds in pvp!! i have 100 down and 100 up and i set speed to 10 down and 5 up i have more good gameplay without 70%\70%
  10. Im trying to use ping assist on destiny 2 set to 50ms but for some reason i connect to peers with 60ms And yes i have strict mode active and no error
  11. realistaplayer You need a switch tp-link 105E to work I think wan do not suport vlan tagging👎👎👎 (És português, posse-te ajudar na configuração).
  12. @ Tray Ok i will try.. Can limit brandwith on R1 with QOS off?? @ Tray My r1 is update with duma os. You have EdgeRouter as your main router and R1 as a 2º? Destiny 2 work better with 10D and 3U with FQ-Codel. Imagin With Geo-Filter 🤩
  13. Hello everyone, i´m trying to config. this 2 routers, if any one can share . I want to use the SQM of Edge Router and the QOS and Geo-Filter of the Duma. I have fiber 100D/100U Edge Router connected to a ONT
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