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  1. What are your settings qos on xr500 and s8000 on the Bandwidth Allocation % , do you have upnp and igmp online in s8000
  2. Hi, i have a xr500 and a s8000 , and i trying to config QOS on this 2 dev. Any ideia !!!
  3. And plans for the firmware updates with the fixes for users like how have to use vlans for internet and not have a qos on uploud and unpn off still open ports..
  4. If they spend time in their bugs and not in the milestone 1.4 thats will be good..
  5. I donºt want miletone 1.4 I want the dam bug´s fixed
  6. I dont know how s8000 works but tomorow i will post my old config.
  7. You can buy a cheap router with no wireless edgrouter-x I have one and its a great router, have a SQM and you can config vlans
  8. O can bypass this bug, in my past setup i was use a managed switch like tp-link sg-105E SETUP: ONT- 105e-XR500, the 105E control my vlan tagºs and vlan untagºs you need a vlan untag for xr500 to work
  9. You have to wait like me for an firmware fix update
  10. Hello you use vlan tagging for internet if so ... is a old bug
  11. I have the same problem not with PPPoE but with vlan tagging. Its a shame
  12. I´m running last fw. And update fix´s for users that use vlan for internet affect QOS uploud..
  13. In my case the device manager is inacurate
  14. On mine i don´t need to had pppoe, i just need to set vlan 100 and it´s good to go.. But with vlan tagging i lose QOS on Uploud side
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