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  1. Hello guys Ping under load (D) any reason for this?
  2. tnk u bro and the team, we come here pissed because something aint working and you guys are always there to help us! im on beta .108 atm
  3. not perfect but much much better, i would say i get a match in 3 tries, at least from my exp yesterday, ill try it a bit more today
  4. its actually finding more matches with this setting. shouldnt be the other way around?
  5. hello m8, sorry for the late answer. if i continue searching it will eventually get a game in the radius.
  6. cant ping the host or server...anyone knows why?
  7. this i already know, but does not fix or answer to the big question...why do we connect to us or other places, with or without filters...
  8. this info is right but if i connrct only to my home router i always get near matches,even when not in WL...so why when i connect with RX500, with or without filters, i get connrcted to us, africa or sweden for example?
  9. i can test again but seemed correct. US east above 200, us east around 160
  10. the wierd thing in all of this is that i disconnect my rx500 and connect to my home router and i find games everytime i search...15-20 ping...
  11. if you mean disable filtering mode, heres the results: 1st try - sweden 2nd try - united states east coast 3rd try - united states west cost 4th try - united states east coast 5th try - sweden 6th try - united states east coast 7th try - united states east coast 8th try - united states east coast 9th try - united states west cost 10th try - united states west cost
  12. going to test it now m8... heres a vid of whats happening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QY0Zgzp0lFA
  13. hi guys dont want to sound rude...but its impossible to play fifa 21 if you have a RX500...searching for games for 20 mins its just not normal? anything we can do?
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