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  1. hello, im going for the XR 500, but it seems dificult to get it shipped to portugal, from EU
  2. tnks mate...can you recomend any seller in Portugal someone that ships here?
  3. ty mate, ill ask if need more info tnks a lot
  4. ty mate, for 20 pounds i prefer the XR500
  5. and differences between xr300 and 500?
  6. hey mate, tanks for the fast reply. that depends on how much is the difference in euros in this picture i would prefer 5GHz and more power ofc
  7. hello guys i want to buy one of these 2, can you tell me which is best hardware? software they the same right? i want this equipment to play PUBG on my PC and Fifa 20 on XBOX tnks for your time Paulo Paulino
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