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  1. i reset the router, configure it and reboot. i still get the message when i go on the router page, but now the message is gone after 5 secs...
  2. did as u told, seems to be working. ill keep testing and give more feedback if something new comes up. tnks for your time
  3. i just deleted my xbox and added again, not its working :S sorry m8
  4. rly sorry to come back but now i added xbox on geo again but doesn't show any servers :S edit: dunno if its a coincidence, but when i fifa QoS doenst detect high priority traffic
  5. you were right mate, as soon i removed the xbox from geo, ping was normal...very wierd :S tnks for your time
  6. Still its wierd to Ping 3x less in the isp modem usnt it?
  7. Indeed it is mate, in thougth that was ingame too
  8. Hello alex I can tell you i have tryed with qos with the same result. Geo is active, cant remember if on spectating or not, but il check it asap.
  9. hello guys i have an xbox one conected to my RX 500 and when i do the "test network speed & statistics" i get around 180 ping. if i conect the console to my isp modem, i get 60 :S i have open NAT, upnp active, QOS active, i tryed 100 things, but i cant lower my ping...anyone have a clue?
  10. hello, im going for the XR 500, but it seems dificult to get it shipped to portugal, from EU
  11. tnks mate...can you recomend any seller in Portugal someone that ships here?
  12. ty mate, ill ask if need more info tnks a lot
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