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  1. only happens when i have ipv6 active
  2. Hello guys after updating to the latest firmware and factory reset and config my xr500, QoS aint working, and its is configured and ON
  3. damn how do you have those results? whats ur setting on your xr500? heres my test: https://www.waveform.com/tools/bufferbloat?test-id=81dba185-e484-4463-ad53-8b337284b8bc
  4. with auto detect is working, tnks and although my ps5 says i have a ipv6 adress, my netduma says my ps5 have an ipv4 adress only, other devices, like my phone, have both on netduma... soing anything wrong? EDIT: ignore it, i already have ipv6 there too, ty
  5. hello guys i have my isp router in bridge mode and i have ipv6 on it, my isp allows it. what option should i choose on my xr500? or is there any doc to explian the options over there.? tnks guys
  6. i agree, this is for a small group of ppl. tnks guys
  7. i know the guy that runs this page https://inputdelay.com/testing-qos/ he and a couple of guys are doing some tests with Fifa 21 and these settings i told you. this tests are about lots of things, QoS and this settings included...but they use asus routers with Merlin Firmware. they asked me if i have these options on Duma Os and i told that i dont but was going to ask you guys if that was possible.
  8. hey guys adjustable quantum, burst and cburst setting, are these option possible to have in netduma ?
  9. https://help.ea.com/en/help/faq/opening-tcp-or-udp-ports-for-connection-issues/ ports for playstation https://support.activision.com/articles/ports-used-for-call-of-duty-games Ports for cod tbh, at least in fifa, i dont feel any diference
  10. but is there any problem if they are in the same subnet?
  11. if you need any help from me, i can be a "crash test dummie" xD
  12. sry bro, you can ignore this, its not working, i forgot to add ps5 on geo filter xD my origin account is set to portugal and the location matchmaking is an optiong inside fifa, an yes or no option to get games near you...
  13. guys, try this... i cant say this solved the problem, it didnt. but im getting more EU matches... im my case, im in portugal, so try to adapt this to your reality. Make the polygon or circle in Madrid. Set your origin account to Spain region. Turn off location matchmaking in Fifa.
  14. i can feel you...not gona lie, i got my asus from the old stuff to see if it would run merlin, but it wont... nothing we can do, only wait
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