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  1. Just had second wifi drop ever. Only since Newest DumaOS R1 Kids said Spongbob wasn't loading... Refreshed browser on phone, nothing.. Xbox still OK because on LAN. Reboot, instant on. Next time I'll try grab the log. I know my friends does it often. (old and new firmware) Tried changing to Psk2 + different channel after last drop. Lasted a week.
  2. I had my first wifi ever with my R1 yesterday. My friends R1 drops constantly. Always hear him raging over xbox live chat. The xbox stays online fine as it's an LAN. It's just the wifi devices that cut out = raging netflix wife Reboot and its fine. My dropout is only since milestone firmware. If it happens again, will post log
  3. I have found, even with 'share excess' on.. Unless ALL devices have even distribution, none ever hit full speed. (I only alter this if say - twich streaming and don't want ANY interruptions. Under normal use and gaming the high priority and anti buffer bloat is enough) It's like it auto throttles everything that's not the top number even if no other devices are in use. Try resetting distribution up/down if you haven't already. Then test again. Also test something on LAN and compare it to wireless. It may just be your devices wirless capability holding you back.
  4. Thats awesome chaps! Good job, I always thought this might happen ever since its been call OS. Stoked for you guys and hope this enables and supports all your efforts. Spewin I have to wait till April to get Duma OS on my Day 2 R1, but if it's up to the hierarchy, oh well. Keep smashing up boys!
  5. Well is see Desktop... So either renamed Dashboard, or perhaps a desktop style widget/icon for direct duma access? Also I see DumaOS {name} . If I can now name my Duma, I shall call it Xmas LagBot. Apps?... Hmmm... Also notifications top right
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