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  1. Modem : Zhone fiber Router : Netduma R1 Firmware : Beta R1 3.0.105
  2. I've done the test again using two different ips from Amazon servers in Bahrain nearby me and that's what I got but the issue still there as I mentioned before packet loose and sometimes I couldn't move till something happen . Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks guys for your replies I'm going to test it again when I'm home .
  4. Hi Netduma team I came across an issue with my connection lag spikes all over the place when I gaming and sometimes I can't move in the game (MW) till something happen like someone kills me , round fished or the game ends this is my PingPlotter tests is there a way to fix it it looks not stable . Thanks in advance .
  5. rayan


  6. If it really helped the middle east players as it should be it's going to be the best gaming router for sure because alot of players go for gaming routers here in middle east especially in Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates , Kuwait , Qatar , Bahrain , Oman . if it helps the routing between the isp and the servers located in Dubai , Bahrain like Exitlag alot of us are going for gaming routers and paid services like exitlag if there is a way to pull this out in one router ohh it's going to be a big selling point thanks .
  7. strict mode : enabled fast search : disabled
  8. So sometimes I'm connecting to Amazon Dedicated server in Bahrain it showing up for like four matches in modren warfare and then it disappear for a long time forcing me to play peer to peer with bad connection , packet loss is there a way to only connect me to Amazon Dedicated server I tried to minimize the geo filter radius to Bahrain but it doesn't work and tried to put them all to white list (allow)
  9. I signed up 2 weeks ago and still nothing weeks ago Could you please boost me Netduma R1 username : rayan thanks Fraser in advance
  10. That will be helpful thanks Fraser .
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