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  1. I signed up 2 weeks ago and still nothing weeks ago Could you please boost me Netduma R1 username : rayan thanks Fraser in advance
  2. That will be helpful thanks Fraser .
  3. nothing show up when I use exitlag not even the auto ping feature so these past months I didn't use dumaos so in my case it being useless kind of I suggest sever selection like third party software .
  4. filtering mode checked strict mode checked ping assist set to 40 in game 200ish pingv I have to use exitlag in order to get acceptable connection 40-50ish ping or I have to set ping assist to 10 peer to peer lobbies and those who have bad connection will be the host.
  5. Hi Netduma team . I have a bad time dealing with bad connection in my region (middle east) when I put geo-filter within the region I got +200 ping therefore I have to use third party software called exitlag to select Bahrain sever and everything back to normal 40-50 ping or I have to put geo-filter radius to 10 in order to get peer to peer lobbies and thanks to the broken matchmaking system in modren warfare the one who has bad connection going to be the host I literally tried everything to be the host I couldn't .My internet speeds 200 download and 20 upload .
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