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  1. I have this issue too, had it for a while. Only happens with Google chrome and it will work fine for a while and then I get the same error message. It literally pops up after a second. Works fine again after I clear the cache in chrome but after a while the same issue will occur again (maybe like a week or so, it varies). Fine with firefox however.
  2. Totally agree that there should not be these issues given that it is sold as a gaming router that does not function fully with a games console. It's even worse that its recommended to use wired connections for best performance and its the LAN ports that have issues. Having said that, at least we know what the fix to it is and a switch is not an expensive. If it helps anyone else, I have just connected all consoles to the switch (ps4 and 2 xbox) and have had all 3 consoles on rest mode / instant on and so far so good.
  3. Looks like this is the fix, it will reset at least once every 24 hours without the switch and so far there have been no issues and over 24 hours has passed. Thanks again
  4. Brilliant will try that now. In terms of config, am I connecting the modem direct to xr500 as I normally would and then use one of the ports on the xr500 to the switch and then connect my xbox to the switch?
  5. Disagree, If I use my generic router from my ISP it works absolutely fine and family has virgin media hub and works absolutely fine for them as well. Also never had this issue with the R1 funnily enough. Just as stated, hardware is too old on the R1 so upgrade was necessary. Not really ideal to do that as if i want to play cod for example after coming in from work and then have to let it do a 20gb update before I can play, takes up a lot of time. Games these days are released so often unfinished and buggy that there are constant large updates all the time it seems. Can't contact Netgear support without paying as I bought the router from Amazon warehouse and the previous user must have registered the serial already. Also correct me if 'm wrong, if i connect a switch to handle my xbox connection, won't that mean i won't be able to use any of the functionality of the dumaOS with my xbox anymore?
  6. Hi, Updated to the latest firmware without issue a couple of days ago. Yesterday I thought brilliant, I will be able to put my xbox back to instant on mode so updates can download whilst I am away from the xbox. Nope, came back today to find the LAN ports had dropped again for anything that was connected to them, (in this case my pc and xbox). Wireless was still fine though. Yes a reboot fixed this but I can't be expected to pick between being able to download games and not having to restart my router everyday after I spent over £200 on a product. I had owned an R1 since launch and that was ok for the most part aside from the wireless being pretty much useless and needing restarting all the time and I understood the technology in terms of hardware was getting really old so I thought I would give Netduma another chance after waiting for the copious amounts of delays with DumaOS for the R1 and get the XR500. In hindsight, I have to say this was a mistake. Nothing but issues with the LAN ports and Instant on mode for xbox since day 1, received a beta firmware which changed nothing, waited a long time for the latest update which has still fixed nothing. Fully expect to be a ridiculous wait for another update and can't put up with this issue whilst waiting for that to happen. This is my last grasp at help in resolving this issue otherwise I am going to have to sell up and move on. All help is much appreciated
  7. I think I am aware of what is causing the issue but just thought I would check. Wired internet dropping on the daily and has to be restarted on the XR500. To the best of my knowledge, it's something to do with xbox instant on and the solution for now is to turn off instant on for the console. This would be fine except for the fact there are multiple consoles in the household and it is unrealistic to expect people to try and download all of their new games over the holiday season whilst either leaving their console switched on when not using, or trying to download at the same time as playing online which just makes games take forever to download. I am already a frustrated customer from owning a R1 previous and having the multiple delays to the duma os that came with that and after still being loyal to the company and spending £250 on an xr500, I am still running into issues with the duma software which is ridiculous. I understand that new firmware have to be approved by Netgear but is there no temporary fix for this issue in the meantime or an estimated time of release for a fix with firmware?
  8. I'm in but can't connect to interface It is asking me to sign in. I've tried my user name and password for the forums as well as my ppoe username and password but no success. Am I missing something?
  9. Hi, I have no issues with the geo-filter on xbox one when playing xbox one games yet when i play black ops 2 on backwards compat through xbox one, i am constantly matching games in america even though i'm UK based and my radius is no where near america. Any help appreciated
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