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    i watched their live stream the other day, this is bound to upset the industry apple cart, it seems so user friendly and i'm excited by it. being as google has literally thousands of their own servers i reckon connections would actually improve for some , particularly the middle east players who are usually on the euro dedis, this would improve the experience of the whole lobby if this was no longer the case...surely. they reckoned they'd reduce a lot of lag by using more direct routes and less hops, but i didn't buy the controller bit. with 5g around the corner the wifi really wouldn't be an issue anymore would it??? Being as stadia won't need dedicated hardware and the fact it would be so youtuber/streamer friendly, i reckon it will blow up big time very quickly, they won't care about a small % of hardcore fps players not willing to make the leap. fingers crossed they don't want much more than about 30 quid a month for it, i can only hope!
  3. not sure what you mean by port forward to second console but i'll check my sons console in a bit to find out if it says type 2 ,if it does then i'll not worry too much.
  4. my ps4 shows as type 2 on the console settings i assume that's as good as open, havent checked my son's though what do i need to do to set my son's to 3075?
  5. Hi guys, got my son a copy of blops4 last weekend and ever since the Nat type has changed to moderate on both of them. i have a plethora of ports already opened and a static i.p on my ps4 as far i know(havent tried putting a static i.p on his) . it still gets into matches ,maybe not quite as quick though, but i'd really like it have an open Nat if even just for psychological reasons. can anyone give me a heads up on how to remedy this please?
  6. i'm back on dedi's now since the cloud update, and now i can find games within a few seconds again. thanks for fixing this quickly guys
  7. haven't tried to be honest , i saw the thread thinking it was a game issue not a router one
  8. on the old firmware my router wasn't performing very well, i couldnt even get it to load the geo filter anymore before i upgraded it
  9. not yet, next time i play i will do so. thanks and fingers crossed!
  10. ps4 pro, r1 ,all modes, cheltenham England. extremely troublesome even trying to find a match, it takes ages. mainly just keep getting thrown back to the menu after not finding a lobby. when i do get lucky enough to find a lobby it's always a peer to peer....... although strangely it will connect to a dedi for a couple of seconds sometimes before then going blank and then selecting a p2p host again. spending more time looking for matches and rebooting my console than playing the game lol , the game tends to crash alot atm or i get kicked from a lobby at the end of a the match.....and then there's all those host migrations too smh. with the geo filter radius set quite tight, as long as i am lucky enough to find a match the gaming experience is 'generally' pretty decent to be fair on p2p, plus my k.d is still climbing so i'm gonna sit tight for a fix as i trust the Netduma team to remedy this issue soon enough. Downgrading just seems like a step backwards to me, i didn't wait all this time for duma os just to go back to old firmware again.
  11. i rebooted the router and it is working again, i see there's now a few people reporting issues with modules not loading in another thread.
  12. i had a problem with Qos not loading last week , rebooting worked for me.
  13. didn't think to reboot it will try in a bit when there's no children caning fortnite. thanks ,hopefully that sorts it out!
  14. hi, i recently upgraded to duma operating system and everything was working fine. Now the qos tab won't open, geo filter tab opens fine as do all the others but qos just keeps spinning circles and periodically displays a message saying app isn't loaded yet when clearly it is. dunno if this is a known issue but i have no way of of changing my d/l or u/l % or anything else in Qos anymore.
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