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  1. Try using 2.4 and 5ghz band channel to auto and set 2.4 the channel width to 40mhz and the 5 channel width to 80mhz. Fixed my wifi issues with the R2 on the firmware Frazer will PM you.
  2. A PM does sound exciting! I feel left out now
  3. Guys, please stop. I only come in here to check if the update is dropped yet. This is a forum to come together and help each other. That's how it should stay my friends. Let's make this update the best one yet! I can't wait until Smart QOS drops ❤️
  4. I do understand that DumaOS is built around DPI but for usability I miss having the option to turn it off. Some games I felt responded better when It was off and others with it on. DPI always added extra ms due to the extra processing.
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