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    Akic reacted to ColonicBoom in DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing   
    Please understand that I'm a customer, not an employee. I don't work for Netduma. I'm an unpaid volunteer forum moderator. My opinions are 100% my own (actually I sanitise at least 50% beyond being recognisably mine). I don't receive any money, discount, benefit, from being a moderator. I paid the same price for my Netduma as every other customer because I too am a paying customer (I'll PM you the receipt if you really want to see it) and I want the new firmware as much as you do.
    Mods are just here to keep an eye on things, to remove posts and people that break forum rules, to remove spam and things like that. It's not glamorous and there's no financial incentive.
    That said, the 'unprofessional' post that you've commented on, only states that that type of person exists in forums, youtube comments, etc. It's well known and not news to anyone that these people exist. I was merely adding it to the list of 'kinds of people here', rather than directing it at anyone in particular. If anyone thinks that it refers to them then they should take a look at themselves.
    Thanks for calling me Boom rather than Colonic, Bill. When people start calling you 'Colonic' on speakerphone you quickly realise your mistake, maybe I need to change that.
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    Akic reacted to Netduma Iain in Netduma upgrade (v 1.03.6j - Original Firmware)   
    Whichever firmware comes with the router will include the features we advertised on the site at the time of purchase and function exactly as specified on the site, we have completely fulfilled our end of the deal. On top of that we additionally try to add top end tech support to help people use the product. 
      Please don't complain about getting a FREE upgrade. We have absolutely no obligation to give them out free of charge and unlike other companies the frequent upgrades have major R&D go into them with significant NEW features not just your generic patches. We are completely entitled to charge for them and do not do so as we want to show appreciation to our existing customers.
    But since you asked the reasons are:
    We choose stable versions for customers We don't want to update factory process until we're very happy with a firmware Finally as of Monday (when this firmware came out) routers bought by customers have the firmware
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    Akic reacted to SturdyFugur in Netduma upgrade (v 1.03.6j - Original Firmware)   
    Profiles don't always load and it clears one or multiple services from the host filtering screen.
    Unable to update host filtering services: Duplicate service.
    Settings all done, save current settings as test 1.
    Load profile test 1 or built in profile.
    Success, Successfully loaded profile!
    Then Load profile test 1 again(or first time).
    50% chance of success or failure
    Load profile test 1 again, 50% chance again
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