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Found 7 results

  1. i have a idle ping of 10-12 ms once in a great while (rare) i will get a ping spikes to 15-19 ms in Congestion control auto set up "advanced" there is a feature called "anti spikes" i have set the Anti spike on the recommended value of around 10-15-20! but when i set it to those values my download slider remains at 100% should i decrease the anti spike to a value of 5-10 ms? Put yourself in my shoes for a second! if you had an idle ping of 10-12 ms and if the idle did spike it was only to 15-19 ms what would you set your MAX Anti Spike to? i feel like this would help others in the future as well♥
  2. Hey guys! So I was wondering if there's any difference between the Congestion Control feature in my R1 and the Anti Bufferbloat in the rest of the DumaOs powered routers. Like is the Anti Bufferbloat better or something like that? Because I was thinking about getting the XR500 but it's really expensive for what it can offer to me in my particular case instead of the R1. I undestand that obviously the XR500 is way better in terms of hardware and WiFi range and strength, but it's not something that I'm in need of really. Thanks in advanced.
  3. Hello this is how I get a triple A+ on the Netduma R1 I look at my modem speeds I then calculate 95% of that speed for the upload and download I then take off a Half a megabit for upload and download i then enter these speeds in the Netduma r1 I hit update no several times I don't think it a glitch it just the more you do it the better it seems to work I have my congestion control on reactive and 99% for the upload and download and I get constant triple A+ on DSL reports. This is how I work out my speeds I enter this into the browser. 95 % of 44.00 Which gives me a result of 41.8 I Then take off half a megabit Which you enter like this - 0.50 Into the calculator where you entered 41.80 Which gives me a final result of 41.3 You do this for the upload and download my congestion control is on reactive and the upload and download 99%
  4. Hey, I recently just purchase a netduma router and the setup I have is going great. I have my Moden > Netduma > TP-link for 5g WIFI. The router does what it says which is dominate lag. I don't really see other players lag anymore on Cod WW2 with this router. I do face a little latency problem which I know can be fixed in some type of way. I shoot first and die first a lot, but something that I like about this video that Simjc and having issues with. Simjc was going over the congestion control part of the video explaining the buffer bloat rate and the idle speed on dslreport. I'm having issues with trying to achieve the best result within the idle speed. It would be something like this: IDLE: 19-23 DWN: 23-38 UP: 25-29. Simjc was referring them as air bubbles. I have problems with download IDlE which can probably cause a huge ping spike. I notice one time when it was really low, I felt like I was ahead of time on COD WW2. It felt amazing, and I felt like a god. It felt like I was beating lag compensation. I Literally went 40-2 with a consistent and low idle ping. The only problem is trying to get it to be consistent. I have 100 download and 10 upload speeds. I heard some bad reviews about that charter spectrum internet, but that all I have in my area. Also, don't you think congestion control would stop the idle ping from running all over the place, and also trying to keep it consistent? Please, someone, give me some advice. Some people told me to wait for the netduma New os because the CC will be better. Also, base ping is good in the game, it's like 25.
  5. Love this product, but i have an issue with the ammount of devices that i currently connect to my modem. I have around 15 to 20 devices in my family, plus all the people that come to visit and need internet (parents friends, etc.) so I end up with literaly around 50 devices, which makes congestion control almost unusable. I constantly have to go and delete any devices that i don't recognize, and in most cases i need to restart the router to clear the connection to be able to delete it first. What i would like to have is a way to group/categorize devices so i can assign respective bandwith, for example: all mobiles would get 10% all streamers (netflix, roku, etc.) would get 30% consoles would get 50% And everything without category would get 10% This would make it more manageable and easier to configure, almost a set and forget. Currently i constantly have to review the devices and adjust the percentages. In addition, I would add a "known" device checkbox to identify my own devices, and an option to have any "unknown" devices to be cleared out every 24 hrs, or at least a way to delete without having to restart the router. thank you
  6. Hi, Is there any software option to allow a specified device to bypass the congestion control of the Duma (or even something like allowing a device to be part of a DMZ under the Duma?). If not, is this something that could be implemented into the Duma interface? NetDuma's "Reactive" congestion control setting stops the VPN that I have to use on my work's laptop from connecting. Setting it to "Preemptive" allows it to connect just fine, however I can only achieve top speed of 25Mbs on a wired connection this way (of a 200Mbps service that normally I achieve consistently) which is too slow given the volume of data I need to transfer for work. I don't know what protocols the VPN uses (but the software is "GlobalProtect" by Palo Alto Networks). I get similar issues when trying to use my own L2TP VPN I have set up - Reactive blocks it whereas Preemptive allows it (I raised this in a previous post a while back but it seems to have disappeared now). Currently the hierarchy I have is VM Superhub (modem mode) --> Duma (router) --> Nighthawk (wifi only). I'm reluctant to change the hierarchy of my hardware devices in order to achieve this though - one of the key reasons I bought the Duma is for its congestion control/QoS (which has worked very well for me so far), and changing the order would result in all Wifi devices bypassing Duma's congestion control by connecting to the Nighthawk above it; or alternatively I could limit that to specific devices but would have to rely on the NetDuma wifi for others, but this is notably not as well-performing as the Nighthawk's is. Would appreciate thoughts. Thanks, NeeWii
  7. For some reason, Netflix usage does not show up under the network monitor and is not affected by congestion control, even though the laptop is using the Netduma wifi. Other usage, such as watching Youtube videos or just browsing the web does show up. Since congestion control isn't affecting the Netflix usage, playing online games is impossible because I constantly have 150-800 ping with packet loss. I've tried using the device prioritization, for both upload and download, with and without share excess ticked. I've tried changing the download cap down to 10%, and Netflix is still unaffected. What's even weirder is that Netflix usage has once before shown on the network monitor and I was able to use the device prioritization and had no problems, but it's only happened once. I have 17 megabit down, and 3 megabit up. Are there any suggestions as to what could cause this and what I can do to fix this problem?
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