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  1. how can i get to test the r 1 beta i signed up ages ago never heard anything
  2. legion mate you havent been active so stop all ya gaming and start posting so buy a gaming router and do not use it for gaming just stay here and post about it
  3. Nah just because we didn't pick you doesn't mean you're not trusted. I mean I looked at your profile just now, you've got 8 posts since 2018, i'd hardly call you an active user. We decided who to add to the first beta based on how active they were and how much we trusted them. Since you haven't been active, you weren't considered. says it all alex says it all come here and complain and hang for 2 years just to keep they hype going on a router i bought for gaming router or game sorry but gaming wins as these forums are shit Quote
  4. so when are they going to be picked tom or next week or its just a hype train like you did last time
  5. how about they up it to 100 every 4 hours not 50 every 24 hours
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