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  1. That's understandable. If it were behind GitHub and people could make PR's it wouldn't be that hard to moderate honestly, could even get some trusted people to verify and merge PRs. Anyway, I have a QoL suggestion regarding the "Recent Domains" panel when viewing a history of domains blocked on a device: The values under the "Time Since" column are being updated once every second, which means that scrolling up and down large lists can be quite laggy depending on how many are being updated at a time. A better solution would be to only update once every 10 seconds or a higher interval that's greater than the 1 second it currently has, it would make scrolling a breeze for these cases.
  2. May I suggest open-sourcing the knowledge base so that the community can contribute to it? It would definitely help with times like these, and I wouldn't mind investing some time into it myself
  3. Hello again. I can't see any documentation on what types of online lists are allowed (or accepted) to be imported into the Adblocker Rapp. For example, here's two different lists in two different formats: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/StevenBlack/hosts/master/hosts https://gitlab.com/quidsup/notrack-blocklists/raw/master/notrack-blocklist.txt Will the Rapp properly parse these lists despite them clearly being in different formats? If so, I think there should be an article in the knowledge base (or extend the current one) describing these different types that are supported. I also think it would be a good idea to maintain a list here on the forums somewhere of known and maintained Adblock lists (for phishing sites, malware, advertising, tracking, etc). Thanks
  4. Do you have any idea if the XR1000 is going to get any of the special DumaOS apps that were removed? More notably, the Hybrid VPN and Ad Blocker apps. It's a high-end router so there's no excuse to not have them available for use at some point...
  5. Would the MAC address listed next to "Use this MAC address" be the one I'd like to use from the XR1000 interface?
  6. Hey! A new R2 owner here coming from a previous experience with an XR1000. I'm currently looking into AP mode with the R2 but I don't think that's what I'd like to do, and the recommended solution to this is to run the XR1000 in AP mode and have the R2 right in line next to the modem since AP mode isn't currently supported with it. The issue is that, with my work and hobbies that depend on a static IP (and given that my ISP assigns IPs based on router MAC addresses), would I be able to have this recommended setup and still be able to keep the same WAN IP if I clone the XR1000's MAC address on the R2 and swap them around, as well as running the XR1000 in AP mode? The goal here is to run the R2 in its intended mode, with the XR1000 acting as an AP with Wi-Fi 6 capability, while still keeping the same WAN IP that was assigned with the XR1000 by my ISP. The R2 feels far more responsive in comparison to the XR1000 and the UI is a lot cleaner, so thanks for those improvements Let me know if this can be done, and if there's any other configuration/setups you have in mind that might better-suit my situation. Thanks!
  7. I simply turned it off by pressing the toggle button on the back of the router - the web interface was inaccessible due to the bug above. Anyway, I can't tell you what solved it since, like I said, it factory reset itself after I physically rebooted it, so it could have been either of the two.
  8. I rebooted and it just factory reset itself - this is the second time now in the past month
  9. Incognito window didn't do anything, and I don't feel like factory resetting again for the second time this month. I'll reboot it and see what happens, and of course report back here with the progress.
  10. Some more transparency on where they're at with fixing these issues would be greatly appreciated by all XR1000 owners in my opinion. The way we see it currently is that the XR1000 was a cheap money grab, with plenty of issues almost a year after launch and barely any updates to correct them. At the time I bought this router, Hybrid VPN was advertised as a feature on the product details of it, but when I received it, I had to go through the forum only to find out that it was removed because of NETGEAR's partnership with BitDefender - not good, nor ethical of them to do that. I'm considering on buying an R2 from you guys - the firmware and UI is decent and far better than that of other routers. But the experience I've had with this XR1000 has been terrible so far, and the future is looking stale for it at the moment.
  11. Respectfully, we shouldn't have to be trying workarounds for months about bugs that you've already acknowledged. This is a high-end consumer product and it's being marketed like one, but the performance is subpar. It also has a watered-down feature-set due to NETGEAR's partnership with BitDefender, and for a "high-end" product that is disappointing... We've paid a good amount of money for something that we expect to work out of the box, and, at least in my case, ever since I've set it up (and after 5 or so factory resets too) devices do keep dropping connection which shouldn't ever happen on a product that is marketed has high-end. There's been no updates to the firmware in quite some time, and we keep being told that "things are being worked on" yet no real ETA on a firmware update and we're still waiting for one to fix a product we paid almost half a grand for.
  12. I just tried to log into the web interface to open a port, and got this: I've never seen this before, and I'm using an XR1000.
  13. Alright @Netduma Fraser, I gave it more time and intentionally left one of the few devices that are having this issue on an unreserved IP. All of the devices that had a reserved IP has been completely fine, but the leftover device that didn't have a reserved IP once again kept dropping on 2.4GHz. It seems like making an IP reservation has solved the issues we were having with this - I'll double-down on it in a few weeks to allow time for this device to have a moment again, and if it doesn't, then that's our solution until the next update (hopefully?).
  14. Just done that, I'll let you know how it is after a couple days. Thanks.
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