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  1. Okay, but I get better connection with UPnP on can I activate this after or will it delete the rule again
  2. please see the rule. and I have added another pic to show you the deleted device.
  3. No other rules both start and end the same 3074
  4. quick advise trying to add a port getting this error
  5. Done this and seems to be a lot better again. Maybe as I’ve put it on always it’s sorted it out. I have gone down to 70% and it’s a lot better
  6. Got your new email but no hyperlink on the email for the survey
  7. I have tried to lower my upload on manual. But it’s stays at 13ms. initially before I was running on 46% and was doing good but now regardless what percentage it spikes high. To be fair would just like it more stable to the jitter. Any advise
  8. This should fix the issue with the heat ping map ?
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