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  1. It’s a shame I gotta revert to my old router as I brought this just for gaming and not using it is annoying. If you can find maybe another fix and worse case send a new router I am open to options
  2. it doesnt even last 15/20min keeps cutting out. At this rate i will just have to stop using it
  3. not at all. the password or anything i have set doesn't work
  4. hey, Same thing keeps happening. I have been monitoring it and still disconnects
  5. I have tried 179 it lasted longer but again cuts off
  6. Same issue still, nothing seems to be able to fix it.
  7. Yes I did. Sorry I thought I replied. i factory reset via the web browser and after on the box as that’s the only way I can login with a full reset. I do not know if any setting chnaged as I was unable to log back in. And once I do reset the router everything goes back to factory settings where I need to set everything up
  8. I had already done this before for the ip to be static
  9. So it’s gone again same thing. Lasted not even an hour.
  10. Will try the fix and see how it goes, give me a few days to check if it keeps dropping.
  11. Hi Team, over the past 2 days my R2 keeps losing internet connection completely. This is by WIFI and Ethernet. I turn off the R2 and connect it again and it starts working however When I go to login to the router it doesn't recognise my username or Password so I have to reset the whole router and then start the set up process again. Currently I have tested this today and the max time I get internet connection is 3 hours. After 3 hours it drops totally and I have to do the above process. I have all my devices connected to the R2 my Ee broadband router is in bridge mode. I had similar issues previously and Netduma sent me a new R2 and for some reason the same thing is happening again. Is there a fix for this rather then you sending me out a new R2 as I do not want to keep having this issue every 6months o so. Thank you.
  12. for some reason i am not getting anything anymore and have this writing at the bottom
  13. Wz have shut UK servers, you can only get a peer connection but all games are now routed thru that triangle or France
  14. Ash


    think its about time to make one that can lol
  15. Ash


    @Netduma Fraser @RedBull2k i unplugged the ZTE and connected directly and i am now getting IPV6 thank you so much finally i can enjoy the best of ipv6 and R2 i will keep you updated. thank you again both. who would have guessed that was the issue wow
  16. Ash


    what does MTU 1480 do?
  17. Ash


    On dhcp what should I put down ?
  18. Ash


    I did this however it says my ipv6 address is incorrect. On my earlier screen shot as you saw I could not see the whole ipv6 address
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