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  1. Hi guys. Asking for a friend. Is it possible to use ExpressVPN on the XR500. Only after putting all his details in, he is unable to connect at all to his service.
  2. His ping always seems really high in game, 50-75ms. and is there any way to CHECK the ports are open for a console?
  3. The console is saying NAT type 2, but the game says moderate. I’m waiting for him to get back to me regarding the device it’s connected to, as he lives on a farm, and has multiple routers connecting to a main modem ( I think ). he doesn’t live near me, so I’m helping him over video / audio calls. So after we set the DHCP to his IP address, and forwarded the ports that PSN requires, would UPnP also being enabled be okay yes?
  4. It’s an XR500 with the Ps5 wireless. The game says Moderate, and he can’t get into a game since we tried port forwarding. We set the PS5 an ip in dhcp, and forwarded the ports for PSN. Will he need UPnP on too? And will his settings need ipv6 deactivate? Also will the automatic wireless setup be ok on the PS5? Or would he need to put in his IP setting manually?
  5. REALLY need some help guys. My mate has a XR500 and a PS5 but ant get an open NAT. can someone point me in the right direction. We have tried port forwarding, and DMZ but had no joy.
  6. works for me 100%. I have my PC set to 1.5 Down and 0.5 UP. Network monitor says that COD is only using 0.2 up and 0.2 down. My hit detection is INSANE now. Just have to remember to change shared access back afterwards.
  7. Sorry, what is PS4 on OpenWRT? and the resolution is SAVAGE low...
  8. I have noticed a HUGE difference in hit detection just by using QoS to limit my PC to 1.5mb down and 0.5mb up. Cold war has never run so smooth on MP.
  9. The only thing I have seen that people testing the Netduma for Bot lobbies is the fact that you can join low populated server locations. But by doing so, you sacrifice your ping of 20ms to one that is 150ms + It makes no sense....
  10. Do you still have the server icon appear in Geo-Filter?
  11. So how come I cant find a game with my usual polygon surrounding the UK servers on the south coast?
  12. I hope this is fixed soon mate. And that its not to do with the current false allegations of DumaOS hacking servers to find these 'Bot servers'. haha what the hell.... are these people high?
  13. How do they think we can decide on server location containing lower skilled players? That makes no sense.... That is implying that the Netduma routers are able to HACK the dedicated servers to view players SKILL levels. Seriously? I do hope that they do not put thing in place to stop us being able to choose the closest server to our routers......
  14. So until you get these updated, I cant join a UK server? The only game I can join is over in Denmark.
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