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  1. Yes, I was just confused why there is a Ping assist icon within the radius...
  2. That's what I have just ended up joining
  3. Morning guys. I have been trying to get online on Warzone for over 30 mins this morning. I have not even popped up into a lobby. I rebooted the R2, and my PC, but nothing, Is anyone else having this? Update. I can only join games with filtering mode off.
  4. Great, they seem to be located correctly now. Its still only ever showing peers when joining games though.
  5. Any idea when these will be implemented? And in the meantime, could we at least have the UK dedicated servers located correctly on the Ping Heatmap and Geo? Thanks ;)
  6. So is it actually possible to get a 100% working/accurate Geo-filter option on the router, given that there are so many mis located servers the whole time. Because theoretically all we can really rely on is the Ping Assist. I don't want to connect to random Peers. I want to join Dedicated servers only. And from what I see recently, all I am connecting to is peers.
  7. Hi Guys. I have a few questions that I think a few people need some light shed on. My first image is the current Ping Heatmap for Europe for Warzone. As I have mentioned before, there are never any servers located in the UK. That was explained by saying that the French server was actually in the UK. If that is the case, will we ever see this located correctly? If not, what is the point of having a Geofilter?, because I run a tight polygon on the south coast of England to isolate a specific bunch of servers that I found when I got the R2. The second and third image shows a Peer icon on the south coast, which is ALL I connect to at the moment. I might only be speaking for myself here, but If we are going to have specific icons for peers and servers, then I would really like them to be accurate. These little things would make the whole experience of using the DumaOS so much more user friendly. It just helps the user have that confidence that their settings are doing what is expected of them...
  8. I ran some tests with the QoS in the R2 on my PC in Warzone and BLOPS CW a few months ago. I actually found that if I throttled the bandwidth to just 1.5mb down and 0.6mb up, my hit detection was incredible. The initial test was with no other devices using the connection, but even after allowing a TV and XBOX One on at the same time, I was able to share the bandwidth out between the three devices and still achieve a great gaming experience in Warzone and BLOPS CW. If you are able to only use the PS5 while gaming, there IS no need to have super fast Fibre.
  9. So are you saying only to use Classified on your device, and remove all port forwarding rules?
  10. No mate, Edge it works fine. but I don't want to use edge
  11. This is after the Resync. Is it right that some of these French servers are actually located in the UK? if so can be located correctly? I shouldn't have to extend my polygon into the EU just to get a UK server, I voted FOR Brexit haha. And would you know what is causing the result list to be corrupt (in screen shot) its been like that for weeks now too.
  12. Okay, I will test again this evening. are you still in the process of relocating servers and updating the Ping heatmap?
  13. I tried with filtering mode off, and kept getting peer's at that north of France location, and the south coast of the UK. I put filtering mode back on and a 7ms ping assist and kept getting the Dedi in the screen shot.
  14. Spectating mode is when you turn off filtering mode in the Geo, is that right. I think that spectate mode is no longer called spectate mode... Unless my memory is bad..
  15. Is that really the UK one? Has it always been there? I have always avoided that location because I thought that it was a french Dedi. also if you search that IP geographic location it’s in the US haha
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