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  1. I have been on wireless this evening for a few games and the hit detection seems to be better for me. My ping has not changed at all from 15-25ms on UK south coast servers, so that's cool. The only thing I did notice, was I had a network connection icon pop up a few times in one game. I must admit though, dropping out the lobby after ever game is pretty annoying. Are you guys getting this too? I have one great game, then I drop out the lobby. After every game, it fails to join a lobby with an error, so I have to search manually again. Also I am very often missing in the final scorecard.. I always seem to end up on the team that has EVERY other team mate hitting -1.0 KD, and myself on 1.5KD-7.0KD with 20+ kills a game, depending on how good the game is running. Its so frustrating. And its happening way to often is almost scary.. These are just a couple I played just now.
  2. Arrr, I got ya My system is a beast PC so it shouldn't be that Im throttling my FPS to 144 to meet my monitors settings
  3. I have just set up the PC on a wireless connection, so I will test this afternoon and get back to you on my findings
  4. What did you mean then, when you said 'when playing the PS4 version of warzone on a ps5 ive seen a huge improvement in the smoothness of the game and a reduction in the amount of bad deaths'
  5. I have just posted a similar thread regarding lag compensation mate. It may just be that because you are now wireless, you now qualify for the compensation code haha. I am going to test connecting to German servers later today from the UK to see if that improves MY game. I am getting everything you describe. Shoot first die first. SUPER human reactions from ALL other players in the lobby, slide into cover to be killed a good 1/2 second later.
  6. Hey Guys. After investigating, I have found that although the Duma Geo-Filter enables you to get your ping as low as possible, people have actually found that they are getting better game experience by connecting to servers that give you a higher ping than your lowest 10-25ms ping games. Say, 40-80ms + ping for example. People have even found that if you play HD videos on Youtube while playing COD online, they too find that their hit detection improves. Has it honestly come down to the fact that Activision has an algorithm to help out people with a slower connection to their servers? Has anyone else found any of these methods help at all? Because if so, I will just play in the UK on German servers lol (I am going to test this myself later today, but thought I would post this up to see peoples thoughts on the subject)
  7. Do you own a Netduma router with Geo-Filter?
  8. The improvement that you have noticed going to the PS5 would predominantly be the increase of your frames per second. going from the old PS4 running @ 30fps and the Pro @ 60fps, the extra 60-90fps will make tight kills look completely different. Are you running it on a 120hz + screen?
  9. Hover over your network icon in the taskbar, and check that its saying 'Network' and not 'Network 1' or '2'. This was what was stopping my NAT type being open. As soon as got my network on the correct one, everything worked as it should with NAT.
  10. I thought I would ask again, because its now two weeks since it was released.
  11. Hi guys. Has the server information been updated for Cold War yet?
  12. My speed is 45MB down and 15MB up. But the game only needs a fraction of that bandwidth. Like 2MB each way I believe. The speed of the connection is obvious a huge play in this scenario. so despite having ample bandwidth, the speed should really help it along too. For example, a guy I speak to online has a connection in London that is like 50 yards from the actual COD servers, and he gets a 1ms Ping, on a 1,000MB up and down fibre connection. He says that his game plays flawlessly....
  13. I totally agree mate. I've almost emptied M4A1 clips into a guys back (with markers) as he's running aimlessly away from me in warzone. Only for him to spin round a drop me with a couple of leg shots... The game is way too inconsistent for it to be playable. But as I have said before, streamers never seem to complain about these situations. I watch Doc and Zee live when I get a chance, and they NEVER get taken out by any situation like this. Its like he's playing a different game to the one I play. And its not like their shots are more accurate than mine. Its just he seems to have a much better connection to the server.
  14. Sorry, you posted this on the 15th. When do you actually expect an update? This is covered in this thread mate. The cloud needs updating because of Dedi's being shown as Peers
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