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    tehwayne got a reaction from Knomax in Spanish Dedi PS4   
    I got it set up and it WORKS!!!!!!! Thank you 

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    tehwayne reacted to Waka4412 in Geo-Filter XR300   
    There will be no 3.0 for XR300! Just make it official already.
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    tehwayne reacted to BIG__DOG in Traffic prortization please read   
    I have been reading through the comments on this thread and I have seen a few things that came to my attention. 1 was a suggestion to use ports 1 - 65535, this is the exact same as placing your device into DMZ and getting no protection from firewall and is ill advised. The best way to get open nat is to just use upnp. Activisions algorithm changes the lobbies depending on your score,kd etc etc and this is Skill based Match making and no matter what ports or qos or router you use you cannot combat this at all. They screw you over and frustrate the hell out of the players that play this game and dangle the odd carrot to keep you playing, UDP packets are used for gaming and not TCP so priorising TCP packets would be useless in any case.  Netdumas routers and sooftwae can prioritise your network traffic but no rouer on the planet can affect the algorithm that is SBMM.
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    tehwayne reacted to chrismcglock in Warzone XR300 geofilter   
    Got it working pretty good thank you! I noticed there was a 3.0 beta of duma os. Is there one for the xr300 ?
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    tehwayne reacted to Andpodepah in Insane Hit Detection - COLD WAR - PS5   
    In order to add good results with the guys, follow my basic configuration with the best result in hit detection.http

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    tehwayne reacted to Netduma Fraser in smooth cold war   
    Not that I can't say, just that I don't have a date. The XR700 will come first and then the XR300 after that most likely.
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    tehwayne got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Cold war delayed   
    ok im going to try that 
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    tehwayne reacted to stenmars42 in smooth cold war   
    I understand, but I´ve been playing cod since +10 years and I´m pretty good at it when its working at least as half as good as for this guy above. I can easily recognize when everything is working fine or not. It is not normal to loose every gunfight because I´m behind 1 second all the time. WW2 was better, MW was worse, but this is really bad. I suspect that this is because the closest server to me is cca 900 miles away even if I have 30-40 ping in game. This is happening with cod only and its really annoying when you know that you are good at the game.
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    tehwayne got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Call of Duty: Cold War Geo-Filter   
    i fixed it i unchecked respond to ping in the wan section
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    tehwayne reacted to Netduma Fraser in Call of Duty: Cold War Geo-Filter   
    The ping on the Geo-Filter shows your ping directly to the server. The in game ping differs because it includes things like processing delay etc which all games have but not all choose to include in the calculation. However, your in game ping is higher than I suspect which indicates the server is probably under heavy load so I would recommend trying to force a different server that may have a more stable connection.
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    tehwayne reacted to Andpodepah in Traffic prortization please read   
    What's up, bro!
    So I'll try the idea to do @Tehwayne
    at first the hit detection in this prioritization of udp 3074 was something impressive. i am loving this R2. thanks for liking my channel we are together
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    tehwayne reacted to johnnytran in Traffic prortization please read   
    So you have enabled duma os classified games which will prioritise al the UDP packets but also prioritised all TCP for PS4?
    The best connections I had was prioritising them both as well, but I don't recall whether I had TCP for PS4. Will give it a go!
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    tehwayne reacted to Gaffney in Traffic Prioritization Settings: Modern Warefare (BO4)   
    If you are having issues then I would recommend some troubleshooting to identify the source. Such as running pingplotter to to test your ping, packet loss and jitter with your current network setup. If that turns out fine or you don't think there is an issue with that then do the following (I would heavily advise against trying to polish a turd when the issue may be something more fundamental with your network).
    Go to the QOS screen on your XR500. Go down the page to traffic prioritisation. Untick DumaOS Classified Games. Press the add device button and select your device and then select advanced. Source port start and end should equal the port your COD is using, should be either 3074, 3075 or 3076. For a PS4 I believe it will use 3075. Destination port start should be 30000 and end port 45000 and select UDP as the protocol. Hit add device again but reverse the source and destination ports.  
    Everything else is a little subject so far when it comes to anti-bufferbloat, bandwidth allocation, port forwarding/UPnP, additional/less ports to prioritise and things such as artificial latency, geo-filtering, packet duplication, artificial latency and so on.
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    tehwayne got a reaction from Baturi in Traffic Prioritization Settings: Modern Warefare (BO4)   
    Oh I'm talking about a pc app
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    tehwayne reacted to Guilders in Traffic prortization please read   
    Well I have to say after using this for a couple of days with the BLOPS Beta, it made a huge difference to my hit detection, and that beta is not running great either, so looking forward to going onto MW after the beta with these settings, feeling confident.
    Cheers for sharing man
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    tehwayne got a reaction from Zippy in Traffic prortization please read   
    I used to do the normal udp method but it never made a difference for me so happy I found my solution to this issue 
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    tehwayne reacted to Baturi in My twitch is buffering only on ps4   
    happens to me as well i just do a test connection on ps4 and it stops the twitch buffering
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    tehwayne got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in My twitch is buffering only on ps4   
    Yes but it's working fine now so idk 
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    tehwayne reacted to Seye in Cod coldwar alpha fri 18th sep ps4   
    Played 4 games; backed out to PS menu and deleted the game...not ready to raise my blood pressure again for another one year, I'm skipping this years cod maybe the franchise in general because cold war is COPY AND PASTE OF MODERNWARE just reskinned.
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    tehwayne got a reaction from 1conito in i give up now   
    Try that might look stupid but I don't know how it's working for me I'm on ps4 btw 
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    tehwayne reacted to Chaiyoabc in i give up now   
    You can thank me later (if it worked lol) 
    i have been having bad experience with bo4. Just found out way to overcome this yesterday
    the reason because you might have had laggers join in a lobby so you had been struggling with lag compensation along with bad netcode from black ops engine 
    this is what you should do in your netduma 
    port forward 1-65535 udp 
    traffic prioritization 1-65535 udp 
    use your bw slider and slide down to about 36-37 download speed and 3-4 upload speed 
    on flower graph, if u use duma3.0, then it should come up with application flower. Switch to application qos flower grpah. 
    on application-based flower graph, put media to about 90% both download and upload. untick share excess for both download and upload and boom. It will work. 
    black ops engine somehow like to put low bandwidth on gaming packets. 
    however, this setting should work only black ops series, you cant use this in mw
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    tehwayne reacted to 1conito in i give up now   
    i'm in this forum since the release of BO4 and i was mostly in readonly mode, i've read almost eveything related to call of duty franchise, and i can tell you that i've tried eveything possible to improve my gaming experience, begining with netduma os with my XR500  and trying other routers with various OS's  like DDWRT, OPENWRT, ASUSWRT, TOMATO & GARGOYLE,  , yes i've all of them and even after hundreds of  hours trying to fine tune  each router, the results are 90% of time bad, it works for few games and next round  i'm shooting stones instead of bullets, i'm always 1 second behind, my aim is good, but i'm just feeding other players killstreaks, like many of the users of this forum, it's so frustrating
    i was hoping that the netduma 3.0 Os  comes with some new blood to the gaming routers industry, because, right now with the actual firmware version , except for the geofilter feature everything has no impact at all, and i'm tired for waiting for the 3.0 update, and to be honest i don't care anymore; i don't blame any one, beacause,  i don't even know what to blame
    maybe it will be different with the newt cod, even if i feel that it will be the same story again
    thanx to all for reading, and have GG 
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    tehwayne reacted to Alex49H in COD MW Packet Burst   
    The moral to this story is Delete, delete, delete...
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    tehwayne reacted to kinel in Cod coldwar alpha fri 18th sep ps4   
    As far as im aware from  10am pst 17th sep
    Theres a free  alpha for psn users only
    I just thought i let people know 
    As it was only anounced a few hours ago in a live stream
    I think you can download it  on the 17th and play on 18th
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    tehwayne got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Nat moderate   
    Probably that's what's happening to me too thanks for the advice 
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