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  1. Games feel amazing do you think its possible to achieve even lower latency or results?
  2. had to move the slider down to 45% is that normal? is that how you want the graph to look for better hit detection and why do I want to use Normal Traffic instead of game/voice and apply to WAN I never game on WIfI either. had
  3. I have a XR1000 the middle one is with the sliders at 70 70 with always selected, but looking at the speed test the speeds are not being throttled even with QOS enabled. My Fiber Modem is connected to a switch then goes to a port in the wall, then comes into another port in the room across the house, my bullets feel like they don't do any damage I don't get it
  4. is there anyway to get better bullet registration with settings in the router? getting A+ on all but something feels so off. my download is 250 and upload is 25 I play at a highly competitive level and really want better bullet detection please help on series X btw I had it optimized by a twitter user named SweatPapi but I had a power outage and everything felt really off after that day. can you please help me
  5. Hello, I hope an update for the slow interface will be soon i use the router interface alot, I have the armor feature disabled aswell. Thank you I am using Google Chrome.
  6. is there a fix for the GUI being slow in every setting in the router? takes at least 30 seconds for it to load whether its changing my qos or going into my dhcp settings.
  7. I press add and find my xbox using the device name, also my ping test under load is very weird tonight i have really high download and the only way to get upload lower is to have QOS set to always
  8. under my device connections it kept showing my xbox was offline I had to change the IP address then it is now showing but the Traffic Priortization is still not showing any packet transfers for XBOX only pc do I need to allow all duma OS games and individually put my devices?
  9. need help my Geofilter isn't showing any servers after this Power Outage I had, and My QOS is only showing my pc under traffic prioritization is working on my xbox its not showing any packets moving or being prioritized. can someone help me with this?
  10. my xr1000 is on the latest firmware firmware and like all the others mentioned above its extremely slow compared to the R2, is there something I can do to fix this?
  11. this post isn't meant for bashing people. Its mean't for updates on free router firmware which you guys seem to have forgotten, please keep hate out of this,
  12. i seriously would love to have this in my life today
  13. when i choose pc under QOS there is no place for Call of Duty Modern Warfare for Traffic Prioritization. Can you please help me with the settings I need to input
  14. ive done the troubleshooting ive ruled out the XR is the problem, or any Cable idk what else i got to do to get you guys to help me with a 1 on 1 what could be causing me to rubberband ive diagnosed everything. i can use my modem directly and no rubberbanding. i can use the xr500 and no rubberbanding. Please help me figure this out I love dumaOS 3.0 and i don't wanna use the old duma os 2.0
  15. i just don't know what would cause the rubberbandding issues on this router. like i said I can use my modem and it stops and my other router I feel like i want someone else to look at it and see if I have a weird setting on or something
  16. still having major rubberbanding issues i can use my xr500 and its fine so something within the last 3 days on the R2 has changed drastically
  17. also the Factory Reset might be not working right because i promise, its still showing the newest firmware i downloaded and installed 3.0.29 or something like that. when i did the factory reset it only changed the wifi the admin username and stuff like that also all the QOS features. but what else could be causing me to Rubberbanding
  18. i will get you a a screen shot when i get home from work i get 30 to 50 ping have tried multiple servers and its also different games all have me rubberbanding but its not my ISP because i can direct connect to the modem and the rubberbanding stops.
  19. you don't get it all that is fine its something else that's changed im at work and cannot provide a screenshot atm. all devices in my small 1 bedroom apt is connected to my R2 router i really just need someone to look thru the settings for me and make sure everything reset to factory. the Firmware did not change thou still on the latest 0.29 duma 0s 3.0. not sure if the factory reset even worked in that regard. im sorry if this is coming across rude, not my intent just very frusterated
  20. ever since Friday my Netduma has not been acting right. i cannot play games with out lagging or what I call Rubberbanding everwhere can someone please look into why all of sudden this is happening I can disconnect from my router and use my Modem and its perfect, so its definitely something going on with the R2. Gaming is my life please help. maybe I can get a 1 on 1 help with this? Whats even weirder is i checked all my settings and my download is good and even upload i get a A+ on all the connection benchmarks too.
  21. I wanted to know how I can make Halo 5 on my xbox feel better and add it to the traffic Prioritation
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