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  2. I have now googled on both and it seems like since they are streaming services you are not allowed to use their apps trough an VPN. Found an good answer on Netflix site, So not much to do about that, thanks for the help anyway.
  3. Hi Alex, Fortnite is no problem since that goes under "Unreal Engine", but I will check what ports Netflix/Viaplay use and try to add them. Didn´t think about that I could add ports manually too. Thanks for fast reply on my question.
  4. Hi, I have the Netgear XR500 with DumaOS and it is really good, like the GUI for working so well and smoothly. Now I have tried to activate the hybrid VPN and added some clients but is missing some applications to choose under "add service". My Ipad is working great going trough the VPN but cant start Netflix or Viaplay apps. I live in Sweden and the VPN provider is in Sweden as well but dont work? Youtube and Chrome works great as they would usually too. You have alot of games to choose to even tried on one of my sons computers where we could choose fortnite/cs:go under add service. I forgot to explain that I choose "do not VPN these services" and then "add service". Regards
  5. I tried again now today and it did work as it should, I live in Sweden so might be on a time when many tries to download it last time I did try. Will try this out now and see how it works.
  6. Hi, I have the XR500 with DumaOS and just love it, their is one thing I kinda miss that my old router had (Asus RT-AC87U) is an scheduler for rebooting. Could be something like this above where you easy can enable it ans choose when and what time to reboot.
  7. Wow, was just surfing around and found this topic with an solution for my drop outs. I have them very randomly and since my LAN is working and can reach the router but disconnected from the WAN I beleived it was my ISP having some issues and not the router. I have tried the link but it´s not working for me (tried both Opera/Chrome). I have the XR500 and is very pleased with it overall (had an Asus RT-AC87U before with RMerlin FW).
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