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  1. I purchase a netgear xr500 for mainly black ops 4 because I wanted to have the best online gaming experience...sadly I'm not getting that.... It's been 2 months now we still havent get a single update about the cloud update yet. I know you guys are working very hard to collect as much mislocated servers to get this update role out as posible but really, playing on mislocated servers everyday making me want to stop playing the game until the cloud update release. Atleast give us some hope, a lil update to know what's going on. And another thing is , It's even worst for us XR500/700 users. Unlike R1 , we do not have the ping assist to play on the best possible servers. I just hope the update is not to far ahead , hoping it drop before the year end.
  2. Still no ping assist update for Xr500/700 and cloud update. Game been out for 2 months. The longer we wait I dont think ppl will care about this game anymore.
  3. Any news regarding when this update coming for Xr500? Give us a beta direct link for this until netgear release this on their website.
  4. Exactly what I said. This update will take much more longer for Xr500/700 users. I wish we could get a direct link
  5. Congratulation for launching this amazing update at last. I can already tell everyone who have R1 will have better gaming experience now. And for someone who have a netgear xr500 I'm really unhappy. Now im wondering how long we all going to take to get this amazing update aswell. I wish netgear let you guys handle duma os features update
  6. Yeah but we know the update will release for R1 first. What about the xr500 users? Since you stated netgear handle firmware for xr500 Which mean xr500 users are going to wait much more longer! Isn't the R-App purpose is to update apps without going for huge firmware update ? I really hope its that way instead of waiting for netgear
  7. At this point idk If I should continue play this game until ping assist and cloud update release. everyday I'm hoping to find a good server. So many bad lobby. They all the same. And it's about to be a month. I really hope this update drop this month. I check this forum everyday just to see if we have any update. Sadly nothing yet
  8. From what I have read from Reddit. Maybe it's not I mean this is Activision we talking about. The game is so off. The dedicated servers pings are way to high. I dont know why I always have better games and get low ping on peers severs. Seems like ping assists will be our savior
  9. Its 60 hrtz now. Still play like shit. I feel like they need to update the cloud . And we need a release date for the ping assists. At least give us hope by saying it's coming this month.
  10. But that's everyday ever since the game launch. When I connected to Peer server that's further away from me my in game ping usually show lower than that
  11. I have xr500 sadly I cant downgrade. One thing I notice the closest server next to me have an average 14 ms when I ping it. In game its showing 80 ms like wtf. On the beta that same server was showing 20 ms to 33ms in game . Any idea why? Something off. And that sever played better on the beta too. The hit detection is ridicculously unreal
  12. The hit detection is horrible. First call of duty I rage quit so much. We need ping assist asap!
  13. At this point I really dont feel like playing black ops 4 until ping assist release cause the servers I kept connecting to its ridiculous. The hit market is ridiculous aswell. It played better on the beta.
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