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  1. http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest/50149518 XR500 latest beta, 50/10 cable off my tablet, 5G, while streaming youtube, gaming on 3 devices...
  2. I've already reported this issue. Port forwarding is not working correctly. Port triggering is not working correctly. I have upnp working correctly on the new beta firmware. I setup the router, wifi, passwords, ect first. The last thing I did was turn on upnp and it worked.
  3. I shelved it till they fix it. Upnp and all forwarding screwy. And let us turn off spi. It's hit detection that matters. Something is just off with the xr500. Shooting a uav and half the shots register!
  4. We went the entire first quarter of the year without an update.
  5. Tried the latest and referred back and forth. Problem is when you turn off excess share, it does it for everyone, even devices that are not connected. I want to have the ability to limit some devices and not others. Or maybe some get more others. What ever I want. Upload and down!oad. Per ip or mac or port. Then I to determine who's first in line. That's the tiers. And when you have 30+ devices showing, can't even see them at all. A lot say unknown. The list is useless, because who's online and isn't? So then i can't see who's really online and what ip they are using. I come here 3-4 times a day hoping waiting for the magic new firmware to appear. I had so many netgear product's and the always end up with third party firmware. Geo filter is brillant, just hoping the rest could be as good.
  6. I did same thing! Just now read your post. Lol works great now except the nat problems, upnp, just all of Netgear 's code is terrible. They need to update a ton of code. And maybe a gui overhaul while they're at it. On Dumas side, the network doesn't show the correct devices online, it says they're offline. The qos needs more options to control each device individually. Like controls speeds of bandwidth and a tier system. Like a max, high, medium, low sorta thing. And forget all the fancy stuff in the gui. Just takes up more resources. Ever here KISS? Keep It Simple Stupid?
  7. Just bought a s8000 switch so I can do exactly what I wanted. Prioritize and limit bandwidth per device. I'll still use the geo filter on the xr500, just not the qos. Also turned off the wireless on the xr500 and set up an AP. This way I can control that too. Gaming on high, stream medium, the rest on low. Still confused?
  8. Sounds like you need more testing done on the new firmwares. Release them as betas and you could have thousands of beta testers, us! This will track down bugs faster. Openwrt has new builds daily. Let us help you make your product the best it can be!
  9. Or just revamp qos so you can set bandwidth limits and priorities per device. That would be sweet!
  10. I just want to use anti bufferbloat without using qos. Have enough speed for everything except when someone is downloading and maxes it out. Like limit the download a bit and not limit on the upload and no qos. Separate the anti bufferbloat from the qos is what I mean. Anti bufferbloat doesn't work without qos enabled.
  11. I'd like to use the anti bufferbloat without having to use qos. Like an overall bandwidth limiter.
  12. We need more frequently updated firmware. Don't try and fix everything at once. Release what you have fixed. Then work on more fixes. Waiting 3 months plus is a long time to wait for simple fixes imo.
  13. Reset router with paper clip in small hole in back of router. Hold down paper clip until router reboots. About 30 seconds. Open a browser and use
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