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  1. Yea feel like it’s on apex at this point, it’s so odd how smooth and good things felt the first few weeks even with millions playing compared to now with thousands and the servers just feel broken, it’s night and day. I keep trying cause the game was so much fun, but keep being let down or even worse off with each update. Cod and others have had plenty of issues, but these servers feel far worse than those and honestly even worse than any game I’ve played in recent memory all the sudden. Entire matches in slo mo and teammates and enemies skipping around the map, it’s rough at the moment. Guess wel see what the next seasons fixes do, but it seems to get worse with every “fix” they add. Even when some people had issues early on my games felt amazing, but here the last weeks it took a nose dive.
  2. Good god I hope so, but I can’t say I’m all that convinced it will be at this point. If servers were better I’d honestly play nothing else, when it worked this game was the most fun I’ve had gaming in some time. That said it’s been a struggle to keep excited when like you said you may get lucky a couple games of ten server wise then add RNG to those and it’s rare to enjoy things as much as I was early on. It’s so odd that so many games drop with servers that feel pretty decent on my end at least only to royally f them up not long after. I’d normally think it’s more players joining, but that’s obviously not the case with apex as they hit their peak player counts so early on.
  3. Some yes some no, seems to want to force me into Texas servers more times than not and using geo I just end up getting errors or being kicked. Virginia has 17 or 18 ping, St. Louis is just above that and others are in the twenty’s, but those are never what I’m put onto. I too see the locations of the servers when I log in, but when matchmaking they’re gone and everything’s peer and scattered. I honestly can’t even remember the last time I was on a labeled dedicated server, I assumed it was just labeled that way like you say until I keep seeing dedicated on every screen shot I come across on here and still have yet to see one on my map at all. Servers have been pretty much unplayable on PS4 for me since the updates and congestion control seems to be the only useable feature for apex at least. My connections great on my end so I guess I’m pretty much SOL.
  4. I too am having a hell of a time reaching dedicated servers at all and my location is close to more servers than most of the world. I’m in Cincinnati Ohio and there are plenty of servers nearby, but this game puts me on nothing but peers. I’d think this area would be fairly accurate as far as mislocated servers at this point in the game, but maybe I’m wrong and literally every single one I get is wrong possibly? Not sure but it’s been rough even before but worse since the update. Any ideas or did this thread ever yield any good solutions I somehow missed out on?
  5. Yea I’m getting no listed dedis now, all peer servers as well as being connected to Europe while I’m in Ohio. Have plenty of dedicated servers at under 20 ping, but it still says I’m best off overseas atm. Not sure what the hells going on, but it’s driving me nuts and even my teammates are skipping around my screen.
  6. That’s strange haven’t really looked to be sure it put me exactly where I’d picked since I’ve got a few relatively close. I’m guessing you’ve already flushed the cloud and all that then as well? I think the error kicking us after games is on their end and not just duma related, even though it’s a fairly quick login it is getting a bit old. Really hope the hit reg, no footsteps and other bug fixes coming this week address most of our issues. By the looks of the notes respawns addressing most of the issues I’m having personally so hopefully it helps to get you sorted as well.
  7. Mentioned in another thread, but doesn’t seem to be very well known so figure I’ll drop it here too. Your able to choose which server you want to play on similar to how battlefield was if you wait two minutes on the opening screen and then enter and exit the accessibility menu. It’s an odd way to go about it, but it lists all the servers by location and ping/packet loss percentage after you do it. Hopefully this makes things a bit more stable, it seems like sometimes I log in and it saved my preference, while other times I have to choose again so normally I just wait the two minutes now to have less frustration while playing. Good luck and hope this helps some folks
  8. You can also just turn off geo and choose the best server by ping and region, just wait two minutes at the Apex title screen then go into and exit accessibility settings. On console you then push in your right stick, on pc it should prompt you what to push then choose from every server across the globe. I’ll verify the pc key when I get a few to log into apex on my pc as I play more often on PS4, I’m just used to controller and cheaters aren’t everywhere.
  9. I did try that not long ago, but it may be on the same breaker and quite a bit of my wiring is original. Ill run a new line direct to it and see if that alleviates things since my fuse box is right below my fiber line in the basement and occasionally I have seen a light dim here or there since moving into this house. That’s kinda my last thought too aside from some kinda bug between the router and a device in the house, two best guesses would have to be Samsung tv or something with multiple ps4s I guess. The Samsung isn’t identified like everything else I’ve connected and shows as different things occasionally so maybe it’s not playing nice. Anyway thanks for the idea I’ll prolly grab some wiring and run one in the next day or two just to try to rule out anything possible.
  10. Well as excited as I was to have a new router and this to be over it’s now doing the exact same thing as well. Maybe it wasn’t hardware unless my lucks just that bad. I assume it has to be something on my network causing some sort of bug, it’s odd ive never had an issue with the R1 and never had this issue with the older nighthawk. Kinda at a loss for words at this point, guess I’ll reset it and try to get the log on a usb drive next time it shuts down. Be back in the next couple days I’m sure.
  11. Thanks for the idea, I tried it all including some beta firmware options, mine was definitely a hardware issue though. Thankfully I received my new router today and so far so good. I’m sure glad the year warranty was brought up cause I figured I was going to be sol and was looking for other routers even though I’d hate to give up the Duma software. Glad downgrading worked on your end though. Mine would be fine after I’d try different firmware and other options than sometimes a couple months and others a couple days later it would start up again eventually getting back to at least daily. If your issue comes back rma Asap cause I only made it by a bit over a week and it took some, wel say convincing to the first round of customer service, after that they were good about it since they realized I wasn’t a moron and had already tried all the troubleshooting many times over. I hoped a firmware update would fix it eventually and almost waited too long, always loved the R1 and hope to enjoy this one just as much now that I can spend more time gaming than I spend fighting the router again. Thanks again to all that helped, I’m actually the op as well, for whatever reason I wasn’t getting password resets for a bit. Going forward hopefully I only need to come back for positive reasons now that I have new hardware. Safe to say this post has been resolved on my end now at least for now.
  12. Thanks, didn’t realize I even had a year as so many electronics are lucky to get a few months. Looks like I should have a new one on its way here tomorrow, should see it by early next week. They really gotta work on the call center training, cause the difference between my initial call and the expert call was night and day. Think the telemarketing company they have fielding first calls is where the bad taste or bad rep is coming from for many complaining, way to into the upsell to premium to already unsatisfied and unhappy people imo. After that they were great, you saved me a whole lotta headache and possibly saved them another customer. Wish I’d have argued my way through this a year age 4/25/18 was my purchase date, so I got lucky.
  13. Thanks for the idea and all the help, Frazier your actually the one who’s suggested the bulk of the ideas albeit on this and a couple other screen names cause I wasn’t getting password reset emails for a bit. I’m actually eating my words at least it seems that way at the moment. Apparently the call centers are just instructed to be a holes probably to avoid bs claims, but now that I spoke to the “expert” he simply processed the rma claim and I can have a new one here tomorrow or later in the week. Sure it’s gonna cost a few bucks, but I’d have paid well more to get rid of this headache and have stability again. Thanks again and I’ll let you all know how things end up, I’m actually impressed it only took a bit of arguing and not a full meltdown at just a couple weeks under the year warranty.
  14. Yea I’m pretty certain it’s hardware, I’ve tried all kinda things from beta firmware to turning off this option and that, plug in directly and everything jack and Frazier have mentioned over the months and while they usually work briefly it comes back. I’ll give it a go, but they either never answered my questions or gave me the run around early on with netgear support and I just came back here hoping a firmware fix would come eventually. Doesn’t look like that’s gonna do it at this point so guess I’m at their mercy now. Trying it now with low expectations, but if they make i good I’ll let ya know. Oof wow netgear are literal criminals, to honor my year warranty they make you say you’ll buy their premium support and if I wouldn’t have argued they would have already charged me. As is they are supposedly going to call me back in 2 to 3 hours with an “expert”. At least I think that’s what they said since they speak extremely broken English. Last time they never even bothered calling back so I’m not holding my breath, this is my second broken nighthawk product and it will be my last. Loved my R1 and netduma, but feel like the partnership with netgear has been a mess since from day 1. Thanks for the idea to try the warranty even though I feel like they’re not going to honor it judging from that call and past experience.
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