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  1. Really sad that it seems all these years with netduma are kinda going to the wayside for COD lately. Testing more now, but still seems the more you handicap your connection, the better off you are in MW. How other games seemingly have it down, or at least miles ahead of COD on the first try is hard to believe. Hoped the new engine and other changes this year would improve things, but with a great connection things continue to get worse it seems. Has to be deliberate with COD, after all these years they had to have learned something, so how else could it still be only a COD issue? Got tired of the COD science experiments last couple years, but there’s so much potential in MW I’m tinkering again. Got to the point I spent more time on my connection than on COD in years past, which is pretty pathetic on CODs part. Longer story a bit shorter, guess I’m trying things from the thread, so thanks.
  2. Got it figured out, or well it got it figured out. Downloaded the update and after resets it opened up.
  3. Pretty self explanatory, always have had an open nat in every game I’ve played, including other cods. Now getting moderate suddenly, even though upnp seems to have all the normal ports open. Ps4 pro btw and there is a second ps4 on my network.
  4. Extremely as in even a couple volts under caused it, I have hundreds of electronic devices around here, including the OG R1, and an older nighthawk and have never had any issue otherwise.
  5. Does your router completely reboot or just disconnect? I had the reboot issue forever and eventually found out that the xr500 is extremely sensitive to power fluctuations. After many a beta firmwares, all kinda troubleshooting and even a warranty swap, I finally fixed it with a ups battery backup.
  6. Thanks for sharing, I remember when these settings made cod play amazing probably from lag comp. Haven’t put my connection thru the floor on apex, but I may try if it gets that old crisp hit detection back. Not that it’s playing bad, but worth a try to find the sweet spot for their lag comp. If they figure out the code errors I’d have very little to complain about that’s not my own fault.
  7. Nice to hear, games playing so much better season 2 for me at least. Sure it’s still got some issues, but they’re small and not literally game breaking like they were at a couple points last season. As is I’m having fine luck without the filter just choosing my servers at the menu, it actually seems to be working as intended atm.
  8. Been fighting my XR500 since launch and after a warranty replacement didn’t fix things I decided it had to be my power line. Turns out that’s apparently what it was, checked voltage and it was a bit low, but I think it dipped lower at times and that’s when I’d get reboots. Finally bit the bullet and bought a UPS backup and have been problem free for a month since. There have been times over the year I had a month or even more without issue so I’m not 100 percent yet, but it’s been daily resets or at least weekly for a while so I think I’m good. Just wanted to thank Jack, Frazier and everybody else who have helped me with all kinda ideas as well as beta firmware trying to fix the issue. Also sorry my bad for being pissed that the router was to blame at times, but I’ve never had an issue before and my last nighthawk also had non related issues at two addresses. Seems the nighthawk doesn’t play well with crumby power companies and or lines and is kinda sensitive to fluctuation more so than any of my other electronics. So to other guys who also had random reboots for what seemed to be no reason trying a 60 dollar UPS seemed to fix mine at this point and may be a good place to start. Thanks netduma and netgear for what at least now is a router I’m really enjoying again just as I had my R1 before this.
  9. Seems at least for me aside from fn code leaf and code net the games playing much better season 2.
  10. Yea feel like it’s on apex at this point, it’s so odd how smooth and good things felt the first few weeks even with millions playing compared to now with thousands and the servers just feel broken, it’s night and day. I keep trying cause the game was so much fun, but keep being let down or even worse off with each update. Cod and others have had plenty of issues, but these servers feel far worse than those and honestly even worse than any game I’ve played in recent memory all the sudden. Entire matches in slo mo and teammates and enemies skipping around the map, it’s rough at the moment. Guess wel see what the next seasons fixes do, but it seems to get worse with every “fix” they add. Even when some people had issues early on my games felt amazing, but here the last weeks it took a nose dive.
  11. Good god I hope so, but I can’t say I’m all that convinced it will be at this point. If servers were better I’d honestly play nothing else, when it worked this game was the most fun I’ve had gaming in some time. That said it’s been a struggle to keep excited when like you said you may get lucky a couple games of ten server wise then add RNG to those and it’s rare to enjoy things as much as I was early on. It’s so odd that so many games drop with servers that feel pretty decent on my end at least only to royally f them up not long after. I’d normally think it’s more players joining, but that’s obviously not the case with apex as they hit their peak player counts so early on.
  12. Some yes some no, seems to want to force me into Texas servers more times than not and using geo I just end up getting errors or being kicked. Virginia has 17 or 18 ping, St. Louis is just above that and others are in the twenty’s, but those are never what I’m put onto. I too see the locations of the servers when I log in, but when matchmaking they’re gone and everything’s peer and scattered. I honestly can’t even remember the last time I was on a labeled dedicated server, I assumed it was just labeled that way like you say until I keep seeing dedicated on every screen shot I come across on here and still have yet to see one on my map at all. Servers have been pretty much unplayable on PS4 for me since the updates and congestion control seems to be the only useable feature for apex at least. My connections great on my end so I guess I’m pretty much SOL.
  13. I too am having a hell of a time reaching dedicated servers at all and my location is close to more servers than most of the world. I’m in Cincinnati Ohio and there are plenty of servers nearby, but this game puts me on nothing but peers. I’d think this area would be fairly accurate as far as mislocated servers at this point in the game, but maybe I’m wrong and literally every single one I get is wrong possibly? Not sure but it’s been rough even before but worse since the update. Any ideas or did this thread ever yield any good solutions I somehow missed out on?
  14. Yea I’m getting no listed dedis now, all peer servers as well as being connected to Europe while I’m in Ohio. Have plenty of dedicated servers at under 20 ping, but it still says I’m best off overseas atm. Not sure what the hells going on, but it’s driving me nuts and even my teammates are skipping around my screen.
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