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    Sunaikinti reacted to Od1n in ANNOUNCEMENT: The Future of DumaOS: Version 3.0   
    But does that vision go hand in hand with what the customer wants?
    It took 3 years to come up with DumaOS which is bascially just a nicer looking modular OS but with pretty much 0 new features. The post release roadmap was to deliver modular feature add-ons in short succession. But that has long been droped and now (for whatever reason) everything has to be bundled into one new DumaOS 3.0 which totally works against the initial modular approach. So why again have we waited 3 years for DumaOS then?! I start to get the feeling that the main driving factor for DumaOS was Netgear and that there MUST be a reason for why those "over-promissed" features havent been released individually yet. The original R1 OS may have had some expansion bottlenecks, but at least it was WAY more responsive and easier on the CPU. I mean the new DumaOS isnt even mobile compatible, and its 2020!
    And to come back to my first sentence about what the customer wants, i could care less about another overhaul of the netduma interface or its traffic monitor. The R1 is a gaming router and not a device for network engineers who need to track down traffic sources. So why would a gamer need a traffic history in the first place? People who need that buy different routers with far more monitor capabilities. The idea of the R1 is to activate congestion control and forget about lag and all the complicated stuff.
    And talking about congestion control, last year some really impressive progress has been made in terms of congestion control. And it will not take that much longer until you can natively use those with Linux. So the R1 will soon get some severe and free competition that doesnt require you to reduce your bandwith to 70%. Im curious to see who is faster with the release, but deep down i already know the answer. Plus im not even sure if the R1 congestion control can beat Googles congestion control from 2016, Iain didnt include it in the benchmarks from 4 years ago.
    Netgear isnt stupid, when taking the congestion control out of the equation there isnt all that much that separates the R1 from the competition. Geo filtering becomes less and less important as more and more games use dedi servers plus dont enforce world wide lobbies. And the VPN function kills the R1 CPU plus most competitive shooters straight up ban you for VPN-ing anyway.
    After 4 years you guys better have some REALLY good features in the oven. Luckily it is no longer our job as the community to make pressure but for the first time the competition will now do that. And maybe you will listen more to what they have to say than what we had to say over the last 4 years...
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    Sunaikinti reacted to lilstone87 in ANNOUNCEMENT: The Future of DumaOS: Version 3.0   
    Well I see a lot of people are upset, with how long/delayed updates have taken for their XR routers. I owned the R1 from the very early days, and I bought the XR500 early on as well. To be honest, I haven't used either of them very much. They have collected a lot more dust, than uptime. Overall most will say I wasted my money, and I can understand them saying that, and I won't argue that.
    Also I have known a couple of the original ND guys since they started up as a company. They do WANT to make things better for US as GAMERS. At the same time, they were a startup company, and I'm sure they're still a pretty small company overall. Still they have made it this far, and I'm happy for them. I know some are likely angry with them partnering with Netgear. Which I can understand that as well. But for them as a company, it was their best decision, to help grow themselves as a company, going forward.
    As for these XR routers, it was a hard decision for me to buy the XR500. For me at the time, I had the money to buy it, so I did. However before buying the router, I knew "Netgear's" history, when it came to their routers. Which is, they're very slow with pushing firmware updates for their routers. I have owned close to 15 routers in the last 10-12 years, several netgear routers. As of right now, I won't buy another netgear router, due to how slow they're with updates. As they don't post beta build's, and such, unless you're a beta tester for a select router, and you only get updates for it.
    As of right now, with the main routers you can buy in many stores, and such. The brand I feel is best for routers at the moment is ASUS. As they actually push firmware updates pretty often, as of the last couple months, I feel some of their build's are buggy, for me at least, the wireless drivers they're using, causes me random short disconnects to my Galaxy S9+ phone. Still even with some of their bugs, with faster updates being pushed. There's a guy named RMerlin, who makes build's for a lot of their newer routers, fixes some of the smaller bugs, and add some other features as well. Plus he pushes newer build's pretty often as well.
    Finally I want to say, if Netgear truly wants to help gamers with routers, with gaming type features. They have to learn to work much faster with updates. Averaging 6+ months for every firmware update, at this point in time, is piss poor, and not good enough. My phone gets updates so much faster, and more often. There's zero reason, for a router company to not be faster, and more steady with firmware updates. As for the XR line of routers, I won't place blame on ND. As I'm sure they only work on/handle a certain part of the firmware for these routers. Even with that said, as people on these forums repeatedly have mentioned. With the current firmware for these routers, there are minor annoying type bugs, which should of been worked on, and fixed, in a timely manner. That's not happening, and NG should be ashamed of themselves for being so slow with updates. As I type this, if someone asked me about buying a Netgear branded router, I would tell them to stay away. This isn't a me HATING them as a company. It's just me calling things out like I see them, nothing I said in this post is a lie.
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    Sunaikinti got a reaction from Zippy in Were these routers given up on?   
    This is why I sold my xr500. I keep checking back for a new firmware, but nothing for so long that I am glad I sold it. Once, or should I say if they fix it, I will buy it once more.
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    Sunaikinti reacted to Zippy in Problems With UPNP?   
    Ive always questioned the UPNP of my XR500. I don't put a lot of faith into it.. Ive been told the XR500 UPNP is outdated. And it may not be able to even be updated.. I think @Killhippie has better insight on this. He seems to track Netgear a bit better then I do.. My ASUS does a much better job at UPNP then my XR500. Its sounds like Netgear was a bit sloppy on there firmware with the XR500. The way I understand it there might be a lot of dead code floating around on it from previous features Netgear used.. Currently right now my UPNP table isn't even populating any ports.. But yet I have an Open Nat on my Xbox.. It maybe time to do another factory reset.. Which im not a fan of.. I really wish I could load DumaOS on my ASUS. 
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    Sunaikinti reacted to RedBull2k in Caddy 1.2   
    I thought i would start this off with its own thread.
    I have expanded slightly from my first app, screen shots are below. 

    now you can save and load your allow and deny list. This is very ideal if you have to factory reset. plus sharing of lists is possible.
    you can clear your allow/deny list with a single click.
    for those of you who are fed up of seeing your offline devices can with 1 click remove all offline devices that no longer hold an ip address
    you can also create your own custom black/whitlist just make a text file named with the following 
    and insert ip addresses, only 1 ip address per line for example

    from where ever this file is saved just drag and drop into the white box, this will automatically add
    here is the file
    caddy 1.0
    caddy 1.1
    caddy 1.2
    @[email protected]
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    Sunaikinti got a reaction from George in Were these routers given up on?   
    This is why I sold my xr500. I keep checking back for a new firmware, but nothing for so long that I am glad I sold it. Once, or should I say if they fix it, I will buy it once more.
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    Sunaikinti reacted to Zippy in Were these routers given up on?   
    I wouldn't say given up on.. But one would think we should see something soon! But you also have to remember it is up to Netgear on firmware updates. They will make the last call on that.. And they also have things of there own they need to fix on there end.. Im more curious about bug repair. And also curious to see if we will see all the new features of the Duma 3.0 or some of them or none of them.. There is a lot of unknowns with this Netduma/Netgear thingy..
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    Sunaikinti got a reaction from N3CR0 in Were these routers given up on?   
    This is why I sold my xr500. I keep checking back for a new firmware, but nothing for so long that I am glad I sold it. Once, or should I say if they fix it, I will buy it once more.
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    Sunaikinti reacted to Killhippie in Were these routers given up on?   
    The R1 will probably get it first, it will be interesting to see how that router handles all the new features on such old hardware. Netgear will either take it all or some of it, or just leave it, I cant see the latter happening, but as Zippy said there are a lot of unknowns and with no feedback on Netgear hardware support from either Netgear or Netduma, nobody really knows for sure. As to release dates they can slip so the guys are being cautions and that's sensible. I'm also with Zippy on patching bugs, both Netgears ones and Netduma ones, looking back over 2019 one official release for the XR500 ( was not exactly what most people were hoping for and it still had disconnection issues for some, and it seems the Netduma team may not have the resources to patch and write new firmware at the same time, as Milestone 1.3 received no major bug fixes last year which it really needed. Hopefully that will change this year, but we will just have to wait and see.
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    Sunaikinti got a reaction from slickrick6922 in Were these routers given up on?   
    This is why I sold my xr500. I keep checking back for a new firmware, but nothing for so long that I am glad I sold it. Once, or should I say if they fix it, I will buy it once more.
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    Sunaikinti reacted to Killhippie in I have two routers but i only want the xr500's geofilter,not the qos   
    UPnP (miniupnpd) on the XR500 is about 15 years now Netgear never updated it, its just been patched in binary its proprietary so cannot be amended. The same goes for Open SSL, its over two years old now and that can be updated., but Netgear do not update the code of their routers that much, in fact take the R9000 the R7800 and the XR500 all have different versions of OpenSSL when they should have the same version, it depends on the writers in Taiwan, some are better than others and some are just lazy. You will find streamboost is still in the XR500 code, from its predecessor the R7800, Netgear just add new code and leave the old code as dead but never write fresh firmware as such. Netgear routers are like a note pad you scribble on and it makes it hard to patch when there is so much clutter from previous routers.
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    Sunaikinti reacted to Killhippie in Fix for "DumaOS not loaded yet!" (XR500 users only)   
    Thats no excuse for not being more upfront about having that capability and not giving people the option of a 'not now'  solution. Cloud updates were assumed to be for gaming updates mostly and the odd geo filter update not crashing the interface! Sounds like DumaoS 3.0 will be talking to the mothership even more, not sure how I feel about that considering what just happened. Also I hope this cloud stuff (not keen on remote servers talking to my home routers these days) is over https. There is no way a routers GUI should go down because of a hidden update the users cant block and causing the user base to have to reboot, some people have big families and this router may be in the middle of streaming files game updates, downloading critical patches for operating systems etc, its not all about gaming. This really should have been a small update people could have downloaded like the GUI language updates at their leisure over the update system via Netgear, who may have caught the fatal error before you released it (unlikely) but you never know...
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    Sunaikinti got a reaction from Killhippie in Fix for "DumaOS not loaded yet!" (XR500 users only)   
    I have auto update off. Always have. Yes this still happened to me. So they can always push these updates regardless.
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    Sunaikinti got a reaction from Newfie in Fix for "DumaOS not loaded yet!" (XR500 users only)   
    I have auto update off. Always have. Yes this still happened to me. So they can always push these updates regardless.
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    Sunaikinti reacted to Killhippie in Fix for "DumaOS not loaded yet!" (XR500 users only)   
    I find it really disturbing you have control over the theme of a router and it does this much damage and people cannot block that update, feels wrong. Surely its their hardware and their choice. This API Im assuming (I may be wrong) you used should ask people if they want to update via the interface, like with the GUI language ones although they are rare. All of this  makes wonder ultimately about the the routers security from bad actors. I guess you have hardware access written into in the EULA that nobody reads.Did this happen even if people have auto firmware update turned off? (most sensible setting to change so as not to get your router bricked)
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    Sunaikinti reacted to Netduma Alex in Best settings for a Person who lives alone   
    Well with your current setup, you really don't need to use QoS since your PS4 is the only thing on the network.
    The idea of Anti-Bufferbloat is that it balances the bandwidth usage of multiple devices on the network. Because of this, you shouldn't need to disable WiFi when you play Call Of Duty.
    You won't get a better ping by increasing the anti-bufferbloat sliders, the only thing that will improve is your maximum bandwidth.
    Once again it wouldn't improve your connection with your current setup, but if you have all of your devices connected, it could help.
    I would suggest enabling Share Excess and giving the PS4 100% of the bandwidth allocation. This should give the PS4 priority over the other devices while still allowing them to operate.
    I usually don't recommend disabling Share Excess as it will just severely limit the bandwidth on most of your devices.
    Depends if you've got an Open NAT in game or not. If your NAT isn't open, port forwarding might be a good idea.
    Your current settings should be fine, it really depends if you can be bothered to disconnect wifi every time you want to play CoD. The router is designed in such a way that leaving all of your devices connected will not be a problem.
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    Sunaikinti reacted to BeerOnTap in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    Yeah sure, I wish updates would be more regular.   But I also think some of the rage criticism the NetDuma team receives is a bit unfair.  The reality is my router works very well.  It’s been running consistently since I bought it about a year and a half ago. 
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    Sunaikinti got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Configuration issues for PS4   
    Yeah I left upnp on also.
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    Sunaikinti reacted to MassaDebata85 in Configuration issues for PS4   
    k ..i just didnt know if having upnp ..open and ps4 in the dmz would cause an issue..thanx
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    Sunaikinti reacted to Netduma Jack in Sign up to DumaOS Insiders   
    EDIT: The response to to this has been brilliant. Thank you. We are now locking signups - but we will leave the form up in case anyone wishes to register their interest in becoming an insider in the future.
    Hi guys - we have a big announcement coming tomorrow about our next development milestone, which will be the biggest set of new features ever released for DumaOS. Our number one focus is building new features, and we want them to be the best they can be. This is why we're starting up DumaOS Insiders, where we will be sharing exclusive first-looks at some of our new features and using your feedback to shape them.
    If you are interested, please sign up to DumaOS Insiders using this form:
    When you sign up you will be entrusted with exclusive Insider information. Please do not share this content outside of the DumaOS Insiders subforum.
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    Sunaikinti reacted to Mement in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    For anyone updating to this firmware don't forget to back up your current configuration just incase you run into issues
    you will find the back up config option under Settings - Administration - Backup Settings.
    Although I still have to update my firmware looking at these patch notes im very disheartened
    A lot of us where hoping for firmware milestone 1.4 or at least some major fixes for the issues we are all having
    The last real firmware update was around December the 13th last year is this really what weve been waiting this long for??
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    Sunaikinti reacted to Zippy in Firmware in final testing   
    The XR500 is a very unique router. While I also agree its taking along time that is just the nature of the beast. You have DumaOS that has to be stable and then you have to have Netgears firmware to be stable. Then those two have to play nice together. Which can and does take time. More time then what your average firmware on basic type routers. That's just one example and reason. Now the more features a router has the more chances for things to go wrong. This really is a very complicated router tbh. The more testing done now the better.  And if issues arise while testing a firmware as complicated as this im sure it will be delayed or take even more time to get things worked out. Which im sure will further delay any new firmware release.
     I have been very critical and harsh towards Netduma and this XR500. But if I wasn't they might feel left out and not loved! At the end of the day no matter the outcome of this XR500 I will still love the guys at Netduma for what they are and stand for. Life is to short these days to do anything less then that. No one has worked so hard and tried to give us features like Netduma has for us gamers alike all around the globe.. That in itself deserves credit where credit is do! At any point when or if Netduma decides to create another router of there own whether it be a R2 or whatever. I will be that guy standing in line to get one!  
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    Sunaikinti got a reaction from Killhippie in Xr500 firmware updates   
    I agree. I started this post. It's nothing but drama. At least it got a hotfix for the xr500 and a beta for the xr700. But in the end it's just a lot of crying and needs to be deleted entirely! Thank you.
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    Sunaikinti got a reaction from Zippy in Xr500 firmware updates   
    The old R7000 has had two updates already this year! So much for it's on netgear. Seems they're supporting everything but the XR series. Now who's to blame?
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    Sunaikinti got a reaction from Durty in Xr500 firmware updates   
    I just filed a complaint. Fix it, or refund! Had enough of this merry go round! I'm sure they'll will delete this, so if you read it, file a complaint too!
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