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  1. Netgear firmware is outdated. They left netduma in a bad situation. It's like they want them to fail. There are much older netgear products that have been updated more frequently. Netgear refuses to help. Didn't even respond to my bbb complaint! Let me add this, netduma is a good team, great ideas. But they need a firmware from ground up. Not a hybrid firmware with outdated code. It'll never work right. Netduma need their own product, or total control over any partnership product. Netduma can't fix netgear's code. They won't let them.
  2. If netduma ever does release a firmware, it will still have all the same bugs. You cannot update the dumaos side of this router without FIRST updating the netgear side of the firmware PERIOD! I cannot stress this enough. This product will never work correctly.
  3. I agree with Leo. Return it while you can. Check here once in a while and see if they ever figure this mess out. Then rebuy it later at a lower price by then lol. That's what I did, am doing.
  4. After the experience with the xr500, here are my thoughts. Netduma did not deliver as promised period! I was hoping for a working firmware. They'll play blame game with netgear to cover the real underlying problem. The base code in the firmware is outdated and cannot be updated period! Only buy a netgear product if you plan on using third party firmware. The hardware is fine. Works great with openwrt or ddwrt as proof.
  5. Just reread your post. I thought you meant your router was flashing white after a reset. But I see it was your modem. My bad. But this router is very flaky if you update the firmware and do not do a reset with the pin hole. It does weird things with the dhcp resetting both wan and lan. And imo if you're using multiple consoles, I would change the nat to open instead of secure to insure correct port mapping and open nat on all consoles. https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-WiFi-Routers/Gaming-with-Full-Cone-vs-Symmetric-NAT-Routers/td-p/1346122
  6. When you reset the router with the pin hole, how long you hold down the button matters. I don't know why this is never discussed? When you hold down the reset button, first is starts to flash orange after 5-7 seconds. This is a factory reset at this point. If you hold it longer, it will flash white. This is now recovery mode. Now you can use a tftp program to flash the firmware. I'm not sure if this is accurate? Maybe Fraser can clear this up?
  7. This is why I sold my xr500. I keep checking back for a new firmware, but nothing for so long that I am glad I sold it. Once, or should I say if they fix it, I will buy it once more.
  8. I have auto update off. Always have. Yes this still happened to me. So they can always push these updates regardless.
  9. Under settings/wan, set nat filtering from secured to open. This puts the router in full cone nat. http://badmodems.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=21
  10. Under the wan settings, change the nat filter from secured to open. This puts the router in full cone nat. With this set to open, you don't need any upnp or port forwarding and you will get an open nat with multiple gaming machines. The lag goes away for me in all games with this setting. All about routers and nat here http://badmodems.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=21
  11. The underlying netgear firmware is the problem. Bunch of old dead code and out of date kernals. The persons who wrote it are no longer around. Netgear doesn't know how to fix it, so they just keep on adding new stuff without updating anything. Imo, netgear is a terrible choice for a partner and the dumaos team is being bashed because of it. These routers will never work correctly without the base netgear code being updated and that's not going to happen. Too much money. So In the end, this experiment has failed. Only thing we can do is wait for this contract between duma and netgear to end and duma releases their own router once again!
  12. Change your nat from secured to open under wan settings. https://kb.netgear.com/23020/Opening-ports-for-internet-games-and-applications-on-NETGEAR-routers
  13. Title says it. Hard reset after install. Configured from scratch. Ps4 goes offline and never comes back online. Tried with and without static ip.
  14. Maybe this will help. https://techtips.easycloudsolutions.com/2016/08/18/cascading-or-connecting-a-linksys-router-to-another-router/
  15. This is how I have mine setup. You need two different subnets. Google cascade routers lan to wan. The second routers ip setup static in the first routers subnet. Make sure to put this ip in the dmz of the first router. This way you will not have double nat. Mine xr500: So 2nd router set wan to static and ip to subnet gateway dns Lan on 2nd router Connect cat6 to lan on xr500 to wan on 2nd router. Put in dmz of xr500. I turned off everything on xr500. Wireless qos readyshare ect. Just left on upnp. Only have ps4 wired to xr500. Even turned off dhcp and set a static ip of on my ps4. So In my device manager on the xr500, I only have PlayStation and other router. Rest of house on 2nd router.
  16. Don't get me wrong. I support netgear. I have three netgear routers and two switches. The r7000 is one heck of a router. I have no problems with it at all. I have a r7500 as an AP and it has three hard drives connected to it. The biggest issue I have with the xr500 is the device manager, which is a known problem. I must keep my ps4 in sleep mode or it goes offline. The ipv6 passthrough works on the xr500 btw. This is a nice feature. I know I can downgrade to .32 to fix the device manager, but I lose ping assist. It worked right before, so it seems like an easy fix. The r7000 is still supported, but the r7500 is eol. I just hope the xr series is supported for years to come.
  17. I guarantee there will be bugs unless netgear updated their out of date code! Nine months is a lot of patients. If a car dealer had your car for nine months, I'm sure you'd run out of patients too! These routers where purchased as people's main router. I for one am tired of explaining to my family why it doesn't work as intended and how I got ripped off $300.
  18. How long does it take to test firmware? Either it works of it don't! What ticks me off, is some people have it and some don't. I'm tired of waiting. It should of been released as a beta so we could all test it. If it's in final testing, it obviously doesn't brick the router, so release of already. It's ridiculous that only special people get fixes, and the rest of the consumers are chumps and don't have the intelligence to test a firmware. You guys need to adjust your attitude towards your user base.
  19. I agree. I started this post. It's nothing but drama. At least it got a hotfix for the xr500 and a beta for the xr700. But in the end it's just a lot of crying and needs to be deleted entirely! Thank you.
  20. Last time here. I will check for updates on netgear site. Please delete my account. Won't be helping out any more. Feel ripped off. Thanks...not!
  21. I just filed a complaint. Fix it, or refund! Had enough of this merry go round! I'm sure they'll will delete this, so if you read it, file a complaint too!
  22. The old R7000 has had two updates already this year! So much for it's on netgear. Seems they're supporting everything but the XR series. Now who's to blame?
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